Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Hope

Hello there! Bob and I had a nice time in New Hope today. Even though it was 6o degrees, it was windy, so I kept my light jacket on the whole time. We had lunch and drinks at an outside bar/restaurant. They had outdoor heaters too, and one was blowing on our backs, so that helped with the windchill. When we first sat down the bar wasn't crowded, but in a little while it got very crowded. I'm sure it was because it was such a gorgeous day out, and New Hope is a town for walking around in, so people are going to want to take advantage of such a great day to walk around. We went in a few stores, but didn't buy anything. They have a lot of small shops, non-chain stores, like clothing shops, antique shops, a bookstore, etc. I'm a bookworm, but I very rarely buy books. I almost always take them out of the library, or borrow them from someone, or just re-read my own books.
 In the pictures below I'm wearing my only Lindy Bop dress. I love the print on it, and even though it has a black background, which I obviously normally don't gravitate towards, there's plenty of colors in the drinks. I love my new Erstwilder cupcake brooch! It's definitetly one of my favorite Erstwilder brooches. I was so happy they finally made a new cupcake brooch. 
I had seen the one with the leopard print they came out with awhile ago, but didn't like that one. 
The last two pictures were taken today in New Hope. I had curled my hair this morning, but it didn't stay in too well.

Dress: Lindy Bop
Brooch: Erstwilder
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. You know I love this post bc it's my hometown!!!! I love that Lindy Bop dress too! I have yet to get anything from that brand, but I've definitely been tempted! XO

    1. You're from New Hope?? What a crazy blogger coincidence!

  2. I love that cocktail print on the Lindybop dress and your little white cardigan over top! :)

  3. I know you're not much for black backgrounds, but I love how this looks on you, as well as your black Bernie with the oranges! It's so rare to find a dress that's both super cute and has absolutely no risk of showing too much skin -- I want one like this! I get *super* nervous whenever I wear anything low-cut. Maybe I should steal your bandeau idea!

  4. Such a fun outfit! I just adore that Erstwilder cupcake brooch. Their new picnic lineup is over-the-moon cute! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. I love that dress! <3 It's such a fun dress for you to wear while out for drinks! It's so fun seeing pics from while you are out too! And OMG I've been hooked on those Erstwilder brooches. In the last two months I have built my collection from 0 to 3. I don't have anything from the picnic collection because they sold out of their teapot brooch right away but I tell myself I really need to start incorporating them into my outfits before buying any more! It's so great seeing how you style them! <3 They make such fun additions to your outfits!