Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bernie Poppies

Hello there! Happy Saturday! Bob and I are heading to Bethlehem today, to go out to eat, and go to the Moravian Bookstore. I think I'm going to wear my Trashy Diva rockets dress. I've worn it to work a couple of times, but not to go out anywhere. I need to debut it in public! Tomorrow we'll just be staying in. Bob's going to watch the Superbowl, but I have zero interest, and will be doing other things while it's on, ha.
I'm glad we've almost gone a full week in February! I can't for the whole darn month to be over with, as I can't stand January or February (because of the weather). It's a month and a have until spring, and I really hope it flies by. 
Last night Pin Up Girl Clothing posted a picture on their Instagram that new colors of the peasant top would be available online next week! Well, that some of the new colors would be. I'm really hoping the bright blue will be online next week. It's my favorite shade of blue, so I needddd it. 
The dress in the pictures below was an eBay find I got a couple of months ago (I posted a blog about it back then, too). I had missed it when it was available on Modcloth, and then couldn't find it in my size for a longggg time. I finally found it in my size on eBay, and quickly snagged it, but when it arrived it was a size smaller than the listing had said! It's super tight on my chest, but it miraculously zips, ha! I love the poppy print! I have a Hell Bunny dress in a poppy print, too. That shade of orange-y red is my fav shade of red. My BAIT poppy red Robbies match perfectly, as well. I wear these shoes A LOT. They are very comfy, too!

Dress: eBay (Bernie Dexter)
Necklace: Modcloth

Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. You look great in these colors! Tomato red is just so vibrant and wonderful. The shoulders on this dress are amazing, too. Thank goodness it actually zipped despite being a size smaller than the listing said! It's a great find. I was tempted to get this print in the Saturday Night dress, but the straps scared me off, because they sat at the very edge of the shoulder and it's hard to wear a bra with those.

    Have a great time in Bethlehem!


  2. This dress looks amazing on you! I love the colors. That's too bad it was a size smaller than it was listed. That happened to me once with a Bernie Dexter dress I got on a swap and sell group. Like this dress though it miraculously fit even though I usually have problems with BD dresses even when I do buy my correct size! I'm glad this one worked for you! Hope you have a great time out today! <3

  3. We are both wearing Bernie on our blogs today! You look so pretty in the poppy print - what a great eBay find! Also your shoes are a perfect match. Yes I have no interest in the Super Bowl either, but luckily neither does my husband! I also hope that Spring arrives soon!

  4. I really love this Bernie dress on you, your bait shoes totally go so well with that dress! :)