Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flamingo Frenzy

Hello there! Bob cut six inches off my hair last Sunday, and I think you can tell in the pictures below. At first I wasn't sure about it, but, now I love it. Most of my life I've had hair this short or shorter. I just prefer shorter hair on me. It's also easier to handle. At this length my hair looks better when it's straightened, but during the work week I just don't want to take the time to blow dry my hair completly & then straighten it. Today Bob and I may be going to the movies to see "Aloha". I know he'll be cooking and baking a few things today though, so not sure if we are still going. I'm, going to work out, read, take outfit pictures, and pretty much just relax. I also think we're booking our hotel today for our NYC trip for our anniversary next month. We are probably just staying over for one night.
It actually rained late last night/this morning. We have barely gotten any rain in probably a month and a half. But, right now it's sunny, and going to be quite warm today. I'm happy tomorrow is June 1st! Summer is my favourite season, and the start of June is definitely the start of summer in my book. Even though we've been having summerlike weather for weeks now, which has been great!
In the pictures below I'm wearing a Banned Apparel flamingo dress that I got from Viva La Dulce Marina's website. I love the style of this dres; the band right below the chest is great and flattering, and the straps are convertible, they can be worn like this or as a halter style. I like to wear it both ways. The company accidentally sent me a size smaller than I ordered, but, it worked out well, because this dress fits, and even has a little bit of room, still. I had never bought anything of that brand before, and wasn't sure on sizing. This outfit is kind of flamingo crazy! I just had to wear my flamingo dress and one of my flamingo brooches with it, ha. I wore this outfit to Friendly's last night. I'm glad my coral shoes match the dress; I don't have too many outfits that match my coral shoes, so when I find a match, I'm very happy!

Dress: Viva La Dulce Marina
Necklace: Gift from my mom (eBay)
Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Oh gosh, this outfit is perfect! you're hair looks lovely too :) xo
    Sarah - Lipstick and Dresses

  2. Oh gosh, this outfit is perfect! you're hair looks lovely too :) xo
    Sarah - Lipstick and Dresses

  3. I love that dress on you! It's such a great flamingo print, that's why I got the skirt version! :)

  4. I've been largely Instagram absent so I've missed the hair-do change! I love it! Tres chic! Also, I love this dress and that HUGE flamingo necklace! MWAH
    -Lauren Blair

    1. Aw thank you, doll. :) I know you love a good theme, as well! Ha!

  5. Adorable dress! I love all the flamingos!!!!! So cute!!