Saturday, May 16, 2015

PUG Separates

Hello there! I'm so glad it's the weekend. And I'm VERY excited to have a three day weekend next weekend! It'll be so very nice to have an extra day off. Last night I met up with my good friend for a drink. Today I'm going to clean, do laundry, and work out. Bob is working today, but after he gets home and showers, we're going to head to Bethlehem to go to Brew Works. I want to sit outside and eat there, but, it depends if it'll be raining then or  not. It's very overcast now. I'm going to brighten the day up though, by wearing my PUG oranges dress.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Pin Up Girl Clothing outfit. It arrived yesterday. This is the first time I've ever ordered a shirt from PUG. I really like both pieces I got. The top will go with a lot of my skirts, which is great. It does show cleavage, but I can just wear a bandeau under it for work/family gatherings. I want the top in red, too. I already had a dress of this same print, and same brand, Heart of Haute. I love the print so much, that I needed the skirt too. I just sold my previus PUG Jenny harlequin skirt, so I figured it'd be nice to have a replacement, that I liked better. I love PUG Jenny dresses, but just am not into the skirts on me. 
Speaking of PUG, last night they released a preview of their collection of Amelia & June inspired pieces. (They have a blog called Junebugs & Georgia Peaches.) I'm very excited for the Katie red short sleeve belted dress! I have been wanting a solid red short sleeve dress for awhile now. I already have a 3/4 sleeve red dress with a collar, a halter one, and a sleeveless one. Red dresses are my basics, since I don't wear solid black dresses. I'm pretty sure the collection won't be available until June. It's hard to wait!! I'm glad they did show a preview now though, so I know what I will be ordering! I may just get the one dress. But, there's a couple others that have caught my eye, too. Will have to think it over! I set up alerts, so I'll know the second they are available.

Shirt, Skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Necklace, Brooch, Earrings: Etsy
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Pretty! I feel like so many people have ordered those peasant tops lately! Looks great! I've never gotten a PUG top...yet! Haha
    -Lauren Blair

  2. Love this separates set on you! And love it with those shoes! Pink is such a great color on you!