Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rainbow Harlequin

Hello there! I'm so glad that the weekend is here, once again. I don't have a lot going on this weekend either, and once again, Bob is working on a Satuday. But, three Saturdays and two Sundays in September I already have plans for, so that'll be a nice change of pace. In the beginning of September Bob and I are going to New Orleans for a short trip. I'm extremly excited to go back to my favorite city. We'll only be there three full days and part of a night. But, it's better than nothing obviously. One good thing is, we know all the spots we want to hit, since we were there for ten days last time. We got to see a lot last time. There is at least one new place we'll be going to though; there's a new tiki bar/resturant that's opened up earlier this year.
In the pictures below I'm wearing one of my very favorite prints. I also have this print in a skirt. I wear them both frequently, and this color scheme is my favorite of all my harlequin prints. I didn't discover it until it was sold out on the Heart of Haute site, and they were pretty hard to track down, but I'm so glad I eventually found both in my size. It's such a bright, fun print, and it just makes me feel good when I'm wearing it! My Shoe Bakery ice cream flats match this dress really well, since there's a cream color and tan color in the dress.

 Dress: Cats Like Us (Heart of Haute)
Necklace, Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Earrings: Etsy (IncredInedible)
Flats: Shoe Bakery

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Cutest! And I love those shoes!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs

  2. The print on this dress is so perfect, and your shoes are to die for!

  3. Lovely dress and I LOVE those shoes with it! They go so well together! Can't wait to hear about your trip to New Orleans in Sept! I hope you post pics from the tiki bar! :D