Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red Annette

Hello there! Tonight I went to Panera with my good friend for dinner. "American Horror Story" is on later, can't wait! Last night Bob and I fell asleep during it, after about half of it. I wish it was just on until 11:00 p.m., but it's been on from 10-11:20 p.m.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Annette dress. I adore this shape so much, and it is such a perfect cut for me, and fits exactly right everywhere. I wish they made more colours and prints that I want! This is my favourite shape out of all their dresses. I wish I had discovered Trashy Diva earlier! There are a couple prints I have seen online that they don't sell anymore, that I am dying for. I check eBay ever day, and the Facebook group that I am a part of, but haven't had much luck, other than my French Quarter skirt I recently scored!

Dress: Trashy Diva
Neclace, Brooch, Earrings: Etsy
Heels: Trashy Diva (B.A.I.T. Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!

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  1. This dress is amazing on you! I love that vibrant red.

    xox Sammi