Sunday, December 27, 2015

High Street

Hello there! I've been having a pretty low key Sunday in, with Bob. I'm reading a book I got for Christmas, and it's really interesting. It's called "Into Thin Air", about a journalist's Mt. Everest climb in 1996 (true story). I don't know how people make the attempts at climbing Everst, they are MUCH braver than I 'll ever be, ha. Tomorrow's back to work for Bob and I, ugh. But, can't wait to get through the 3.5 day work week, and have another 3.5 day long weekend! One good thing is, the phones should be pretty quiet at work this week, as a lot of people have off this week.
In the pictures below I'm wearing the outfit I wore to go to Bethlehem with Bob yesterday. I got the cropped tie sweater and earrings from my mom for Christmas. I really love the earrings; my favorite colors! I had them custom made on Etsy, and then sent my mom the link, ha. I also love the sweater. I can definitely never have enough cropped sweaters, to wear with my dresses and skirts. This is my first time trying a Heart of Haute cropped sweater. I just ordered it in red from I already had a white cropped cardigan, but I wear it all the time, and it's not very good quality. It's the same thing with my current red cropped cardis. The blog post title is from the print of the dress I'm wearing, the dress print is called High Street.

Dress: eBay (Bernie Dexter)
Sweater: Gift (Heart of Haute)

Necklace, Brooch, Earrings: Etsy/Gift (Luxulite & MouseMarket)
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Love your outfit! All the colors work so well together! I love your white cardigan. I have one in blue but am sad that it seems like it faded quite a bit after the first wash in cold water with Woolite. I love your new earrings. Those are way too cute!

  2. Love that dress and have it! I think I've read another book by that same author. XO

  3. Everything is sooo cute! I love the print on this dress so much, and you (as usual) accessorized it so well!