Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bright Blue/Lime

Hello there! In the pictures below I'm wearing a colour combo that I really love- bright blue and lime green. I don't wear this combo too often, because most of my wardrobe is pink/orange/red/yellow. I picked up this great lime tank top, as well as a bright orange tank top at Kohl's on Sunday. I don't usually see anything I like at Kohl's, but I was happy to score these two cheap tank tops, as well as two great cropped sweaters! I got one in red and one in black. I'm going to wear them all the time with my dresses. 
I really like this bright blue shirt, I love the draping of it. I think that makes it so flattering. I'm always looking for clothes to flatter me, since I'm larger on top than I am on bottom. 
I really LOVE the necklace I'm wearing in the below pictures. It's definitely one of my fav accessories. It was such a great find! I got it at Dillard's in Virginia Beach. It was on sale for $21. I've never seen that necklace anywhere else, and I was surprised Dillard's had it. It doesn't seem like the type of style they would normally sell. We don't have any Dillard's up near where I live. I remember first hearing about it because my aunt in Texas loves that store.
I found a Halloween Hello Kitty beanie baby at Walgreens on Sunday! (Pictured below.) I was glad to finally find one; I didn't have any Halloween Hello Kitties before. 
My Halloween costume came yesterday! I hadn't bought a costume in about five years. I'm not even sure where the one I was wearing the last few years went. But, I like my new costume much more anyway! It's so colorful and adorable. It's a Candyland dress. I can't wait to wear it and pair it with so many bright accessories.  :) It feels very "me."

Shirt: Macy*s (Cable & Gauge brand)
Tank: Kohl's
Jeans: Target 
Necklace: Dillard's
Bracelet: Icing
Lollipop ring: Etsy
Other ring: Banana Republic
Sneakers: Keds

~Bye bye for now!

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