Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Atlanta

Hello there! Last night I went to Target and went out for a drink with my good friend. At Target I bought the book "The Martian". I've heard great things about the book and movie. I'm normally not really into sci-fi type books/movies, but I wanted to give it a try. I started reading it last night, I read the first thirty pages, and I'm definitely hooked. The main character isn't experiencing depression/despair yet, but I'm sure that will be coming. I can't imagine how terrifying being stuck in space would feel. I like that the book is funny, it's a great way to lighten up what could be a overwhelmingly sad book.  I normally never buy books, I just get them from the library, borrow them from family, get them as gifts, or re-read my own collection. But, I just had an urge to buy this book. I'm sure I'll be reading a lot more of it this weekend!
I had curled my hair last night before I went out, but it didn't end up as nice as last weekend, when Bob was helping me do it. I had watched a Cherry Doll Face youtube tutorial, and then he helped me re-create it, with decent success. I'm posting a picture below of my hair last weekend. I'm not going to wake up earlier before work to do it, but on the weekends I definitely want to do it more, and watch more tutorials. I really need to get down pat how to add volume in the front, like in the picture below. Last night I couldn't get it right, so I ended up with no volume in front.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Atlanta dress. I just love red gingham. I have four red and white gingham dresses. I had wanted this dress for awhile, but it was no longer available through Trashy Diva, so I searched online for months, and finally someone was selling it in the TD group I'm in on Facebook. It was a size bigger than I had been looking for, but even so, the chest part of it is snug on me. I think this dress is quite flattering. 

My hair last weekend

Dress: Facebook group (Trashy Diva) 
Necklace, Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: Modcloth (B.A.I.T. Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!