Saturday, July 25, 2015

Virginia Beach, Part II

Hello there! I'm so glad the weekend is here once again. I don't have much going on this weekend, but that's fine with me, after being on vacation part of the last two weekends (and all of last week). I've been cleaning, doing laundry, and am going to work out. Other than that, it'll be a quiet day/night; just going to relax/read/watch TV/Netflix. My sister and her boyfriend left for California today (for a week). My good friend is in Myrtle Beach now for a week, too.
Next Saturday my husband and I are probably either going to NYC for the day, or to the shore for the day. I'm excited for either one! I do really want to go back to Enz's soon, the shop in Brookyln we went to in June. They carry Bernie Dexter and Trashy Diva (among other great reproduction brands)! I don't of any shops nearer to me that do. I obviously like shopping online, and luckily don't have to make many returns, but it is really nice to be able to try clothing on first.
The below pictures are the rest of the pictures from my Virginia Beach trip with my husband. The bracelet picture is showing a bracelet I bought while on the trip. I really love the paring of bright turquiose & coral in it. It matches both my PUG Harley dresses so well. I didn't buy any other jewelry or any shoes or clothing! I didn't see any shops selling the type of clothing/shoes I am into.  
Our trip just flew by, as they always do. I already can't wait to go on our next one, ha! We don't have anything booked yet, unfortunately. But, we may go away for just 4 days in early September. It's not set in stone yet, but hopefully will be soon! If we don't do that, we probably won't be going away again until March-ish, which is a long time to wait. We just love to travel so much. I'm so glad my husband feels the same way I do, ha, or that would've been a big problem! My parents travel a lot, so that's where I got it from. My dad's been to 49 states! He does travel for work a bit though ha, so that's a big part of why he's been to so many. I think I've been to about 32 states so far, and three countries.


  1. So many outfits! <3 I love all of them! My favorites though are your Trashy Diva plaid Annette and your Flamingo one! <3 So so cute!

  2. All of your vacation looks are FABULOUS! And what a lucky guy that gets to have such a gorgeous lady by his side! Vacations are just the best too - I will be down the shore for a week and I am just way too excited for a mini getaway! I saw you might be headed down that way too - if you're close at all to Sea Isle, we should totally meet up and do some retail therapy! Plus, I'd love to see all your amazing outfits in person!
    Loved seeing your vacation pics and glad you had a great time!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs