Saturday, March 15, 2014

Debut Of My Ice Cream Cone Wristlet

Hello there! It's so nice to write this in my apartment, with the sun streaming through the windows. It's going to be in the fifties today! We keep going back and forth, with the cold weather, and warmer weather. But, thank god we still haven't gotten any snow this month!! Makes me very happy. I really hope we have NO more until next winter! (Well, if I had it my way we'd NEVER have any more snow lol.)  It's so warm in my apartment, even though the heat is off, and I have windows open. The birds are chirping, too.
Today Bob and his groomsmen are going to get fitted for tuxedos, and Bob is looking for shoes to rent as well. They're going out to some bars in a nearby town afterwards. I'm sure it'll be packed everywhere, even though they're arriving in the early afternoon. (Because of St. Patrick's day weekend!) 
Last night Bob and I went out to a bar. I really stand out when I go to this bar, because it's such a redneck bar, and everyone's wearing faded jeans...flannel shirt...trucker hats, and the like, ha! And then there's me, wearing a dress and heels. But, I don't care! If I didn't dress the way I dress, I wouldn't feel as happy. What I wear makes me feel good, and happy, and I'm not going to change it based on my surroundings. Also, last night I debuted my ice cream Betsey Johnson wristlet! I already got compliments on it. I knew it would be an attention-getter ha. A middle aged guy with a ponytail was talking to me about it. That was interesting! The wristlet really can't hold much at all..but, I will glady deal with that, because it is just the cutest thing! 
Below are pictures of my outfit that I wore out last night. I've posted several times on my blog, with pictures of this dress. It's absolutely one of my favourite dresses, and one of my favourite purchases ever! I wasn't sure about it for months, debated ordering it. But, once it arrived, and I put it on, it cast all my doubts completly aside! I had to take a picture with it on, underneath my Keep Calm And Eat Cupcakes poster.

Dress, necklace: Modcloth
Cropped cardigan: eBay (Old Navy)
Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

Wristlet: eBay (Betsey Johnson)

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Oh, wow! That wristlet and the dress, perfect!

    I'm the same, I'm too lazy to change myself to my surroundings. Even if I'm the only blue haired girl in the entire of Belgium, I wouldn't change it. If anything it encourages me to keep the colour haha, just for the fun of it :)

    1. Thank you so much! I think they look great together. :)
      Haha good!! I'm glad that you stay true to you. That's important!