Sunday, April 26, 2015

Las Vegas, Part II

Hello there! Today is a typical Sunday for us. I'm going to work out, watch TV, and read. Bob is going to bake and cook. And later we're going to watch "Big Eyes". I'm excited; I've wanted to see it since it came out in theaters months ago. Hope it's good! I adore Christopher Waltz & Amy Adams.
I am posting the rest of my Las Vegas trip pics. The pictures of me in the oranges dress were taken the last day we attended Viva, on Saturday. I took a picture with a sweet woman that I follow on Instagram (not sure of her real name, her Instagram name is: littlepinkwreckingball). I was also nervous to ask her for a picture, but I'm glad I did. 
On Sunday we went to Old Vegas. We had never been before, on any of our previous Vegas trips. We honestly were disappointed. It was basically a strip of crappy, small casinos and crappy little shops selling knickknacks. It wasn't nearly as big as I thought it would be. We did eat an early dinner at a Mexican place that a bartender had recommended to us. I thought that it was really good. We did see the famous Heart Attack Cafe (I posted a pic of it below), but we didn't go in. It's definitelty a big touristy area, there were a lot of people walking around. I'm glad we saw Old just wasn't what I pictured it would be. We tried to go the Neon Sign Museum while we were out there, but unfortauntely they were sold out for the tour we wanted to go on. I would really like to check that place out soon! Next time...
It was so weird that Sunday was Easter, we barely thought about it. It of course doesn't feel like Easter when you're in Vegas! But, when we were having drinks in the afternoon at Margaritaville, on the deck in front, we saw a person walk by with an Easter Bunny costume on.
Monday was our most relaxing, slow day of the trip. We didn't go too far. We went back to some stores at The Linq, which was pretty close to our hotel. I bought some more Cat Studio items there. We ate dinner at The Tilted Kilt, a restaurant at The Linq. It's a chain restaurant, and we've eaten there in Myrtle Beach. It was during a playoff NCAA basketball game, and there's a huge sports bar inside, which is where the only free table was, sooo it was really loud almost the whole time we were in there.  
Our trip just flew it always does there. By Monday we had seen all we wanted to, so I'm glad we did get everything in.  
The first few pics below we taken in the back of The Flaming hotel/casino. The Flamingo is our fav hotel we've stayed at; we've stayed there two times in the past. We like to visit the back area. It's so pretty back there. There are the flamingos of course, but also other birds, and lots of HUGE koi fish. There's a waterfall and a fountain, too. On the day we were there we saw a few parrots. People could pay to take pictures with them, but we didn't do that. 
We ate at Hash House A Go Go one night. We had never eaten there before. It's in The Linq. It had been recommended to me that we eat there. I got chicken and waffles, which I had never ordered before anywhere. It was really good! And the portion was HUGE. You can see a picture of it below.
I got the BBQ dress, the white cropped cardi, and blue fruit purse I am wearing in the pics below at Viva. The purse is sooo perfect for me! I got it from Rough Seas Designs. I had never gottena nything from them before attending Viva, but I picked up this amazing purse & also a small white purse/clutch.

The Bellagio

Freemont Street, Old Vegas

The famous Heart Attack Cafe

A nice bartender that we really liked

Hash House A Go Go


  1. How funny, I never imagined that the Flamingo had flamingos! I want to stay there now! I love Flamingos! I'm so glad that you got that BBQ dress. It's one of my favorite prints Bernie ever made dresses out of! Such cute outfits all around. I love that blue flamingo dress you have on too and that plate of chicken and waffles looks amazing!

  2. Wow this looks so fun and your dresses are gorgeous.

  3. Love all your dresses you wore in Vegas! I recently got the skirt version in that flamingo print by Banned Apparel.

  4. I love all of your outfits, but I especially like the blue flamingo dress in front of the palm tree back drop!!! XO
    -Lauren Blair