Thursday, August 31, 2017


Hello there! I took a bit of a break from blogging because of the death of my mother-in-law. She passed away almost two weeks ago, and the wake was last Sunday, and the funeral was this past Monday. Her death wasn't sudden; she had an awful auto immune disease called Schleroderma. I had never heard of it before she was diagnosed, and most people I know have never heard of it, either. The last couple of months she was physically unable to swallow because of the disease, so we knew her death would be coming soon. 
But, despite knowing for a little while that it was coming, it is of course still devastating, especially for Bob, his brother, and father. The four of them saw each other very often; my Bob's brother lives at home, and Bob, his brother, and father all work together. We are glad she's no longer suffering, but there is now a hole in our lives. 
I had never lost someone this close before; I have never even lost a grandparent. I still have three grandparents who are alive, and the other died before I was born. I also can not recall ever being at a funeral. So, I was nervous about how everything was going to go; the wake, the funeral, all the family functions that went on last weekend and last Monday. I'm a classic introvert, and get drained from a lot of socialization. But, I knew I had to be there through everything, for Bob.
All six of Bob's mother's surving siblings came up from West Viriginia (one sister had predeased her); as well as Bob's dad's brother and wife who live in Georgia. I had never even met some of the uncles from West Virginia before. 
Well, we got through it. I've felt so bad for my husband the past few months, seeing how painful it was for him to see her declining; we both felt so powerless about it. He's doing okay right now. The funeral service at the funeral home was the hardest part of everything for me, and I think for my husband, as well. I'm a very emotional person, very sensitive, and empathetic as well. Needless to say, I cried a lot. I didn't go to work Monday or Tuesday, and neither did Bob. 
I'm a private person with most people, except for those I am closest to, and I didn't want to talk about it on Instagram, and debated writing about it here. But, in the end, I chose to just write about it here. 
Wednesday was my first day back, and was also my first full work day sine June, since my job's summer hours are now over. The teachers came back to work today, and the kids will be there on Tuesday. It always comes so fast. 
In the pictures below I'm wearing my beloved Trashy Diva French Quarter Annette. I've had it for a year and a half, and still feel so lucky that I managed to score it off of Poshmark, for a great price. It was big in the waist, but my mom took it in for me. 

Dress: Poshmark (Trashy Diva)
Brooch, earrings: Etsy (Luxulite)
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Gosh, I want to be down there to give you and Bob big hugs. The services are the WORST!!!! They are the hardest thing to get through, in my opinion. So at least that is over. Proud of you for toughing it out and being there for Bob. I am glad she is at rest and is no longer in pain but man, what a tough end. Stay strong, you two!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I'm so sorry to read this sad news about your mother in-law! Love and best wishes to you both! xo