Thursday, April 20, 2017

Buzz, buzz!

Hello there! Well, I am back safe & sound from Vegas. Bob and I got home Tuesday night around 11:30 p.m. We had a whirlwhind time at Viva. Since we didn't stay at the Orleans (where Viva is held), we did a lot of back and forth between our hotel & the Orleans. It'd be much easier to be staying where the event is held, but it sells out a year in advance. I'm so excited to be staying where the Nashville Boogie is for two nights of the four of the event, and the other two nights of the event we are staying at their sister hotel across the street. 
Monday, the day after Viva ended, we were able to have a much slower paced day and night. It was also the day before Bob's birthday, and the day before we flew home, so I wanted to do things Bob wanted to do. He had been so patient during Viva. Don't get me wrong, he loves watching the bands, and we did do a lot of that, but he's not so much for watching me shop, ha! 
We had mostly great weather while we were there, except that a couple of days it was quite windy, which messed up my hair and made it hazardous to wear a dress, ha! Also, on Monday it was cloudy the whole day, and cooler, but not too cool where I'd complain, ha. I'd rather it be cloudy than raining, that's for sure. I got a little bit sun burnt at the car show on Saturday, but barely on my face. Bob got burnt on his face and head though. He also didn't put on sunblock, and I had it on. 
I met some new people this trip, including Micheline Pitt, and the man behind Brighter Bakelite and the woman behind Luxulite! All three of them were so nice and sweet. I met a few other people at Viva, and also met people at Franie's Tiki Room, some who were locals, and some who were there for Viva. There was only one person I met who was disappointing in person, but I will not say who it was. This is rare though, and I only remember it happening one other time (but it wasn't at Viva, it was at New England Shake Up). For the most part, people who attend Viva are super sweet and fun. I do think there are some snobs, but that's going to happen with any group of people.  
I don't have work until Monday, because my school has spring break right now. So, it's so nice to have a long break between our busy trip, and going back to work. Bob took off yesterday, but he went back to work today.
I'll post pictures soon from Vegas (probably starting in my next post on Saturday), but for now here are pictures of my newest Bernie dress. It was waiting for me when we arrived back home. It's the Mari style, and it's my first Mari. I do have this print, but with a blue background, and in the Jodi dress style. This is a little harder to zip over my chest than my Kellys in the same size; in fact, I wasn't sure it actually would zip. Next time I get a Mari, I'll order a size up. But otherwise, I love the dress! 

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Brooch: Erstwilder
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. I loved seeing all your photos at Viva, even if I was a little jealous! I'm glad you mostly had a great time though, yes unfortunately there will always be a few people, that can be very rude or snobbish!
    Love the yellow and green together! xo

  2. I'm absolutely loving this dress on you, Bristol! It's appropriate because you're the Queen Bee of color and fun outfits!