Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend time!

Well, the weekend is here once again! Last night, Bob and I went to Bethlehem Brew Works, and his friend Will met us there. It wasn't too packed, which is nice. We had a good time. Last time I was there I had skittle martinis. When I got there last night and looked at the drink menu, I saw that the skittle martini wasn't on the martini list. I asked the bartender, and luckily he could still make it, but they just didn't have skittles to put in it. That was fine with me, it still tasted just as good as last time! So very sweet tasting, which I love. The sweeter, the better. Also, they are very reasonable, as far as martinis go. $7.50 a pop.  

We didn't get any food this time. But, I've had food twice there, and it's very good. Last time I ate there, I had a soft pretzel, with beer cheese sauce to dip it in. I wasn't sure if I'd like the sauce, since I don't like beer! Ha. But, both the pretzel and sauce were GREAT!
Today, I'll be doing the usual Saturday activities I do: cleaning the apartment, laundry, working out, going to Target. I may run to Marshall's and JoAnn Fabrics, too. Bob's brewing beer at his parent's house tonight, so I'll be staying home. 
Sugar Factory opened in NYC yesterday! I can NOT wait to go! It's only the second location of the bar/restaurant to open. The first is in Vegas. It's one of my fav spots in Vegas. They have amazing martinis. It's great to now have one so close to us! To get NYC it takes us about two hours total, since we drive to the train station in Dover- which is half an hour away, and then the train takes about an hour and a half. We wouldn't drive in, it's too crazy/too much traffic to drive there!

Tomorrow I'm making chocolate oatmeal cookies. They're soooo good! One of my fav cookies ever. My Mom gave me the receipe. Bob loves them too. I haven't made them in a few months.His birthday is coming up so soon! It's Thursday. Guys are so hard to shop for! Ugh. I've asked him a few times what he wants, but he didn't give me any suggestions.
So, I've started looking at fabric online. I've found so many great, cute designs! Mostly on I asked my Mom yesterday if she would make me a dress, and  she said yes ha. So, once I get a pattern and order fabric, she'll be able to start. She's a great sewer/knitter/etc. I never learned how to sew or knit. I should have. Here's some fabrics I really like:

And here's some pics of an outfit:

Top: Macy*s (Cable & Gauge brand)
Tank: Express
Jeans: Target (Merona brand) 
Sandals: Modcloth
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Watch: Modcloth

I love the top I'm wearing! I love how bright it is, and the design is neat. 

~Bye for now!

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