Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beautiful Sunday!

Wow, today is so nice out!! I just went out for a bit, to buy Bob's other bday present, and to pick up a belt from Target. I had been eyeing it for over a month, but didn't want to spend the money before, since I've been spending quite a bit lately on clothes and accessories. (To be honest, I pretty much always am doing that!) It's a great shade of coral, and it's a skinny belt. I've been really into buying skinny belts lately, to wear over summer dresses. This one looks great with my bright orange skater dress! 
Now, that Spring is in full swing, it smells so great outside! I love having the windows open in the apartment, and getting to smell that wonderful smell inside the apartment, too. Spring makes me feel more optimistic and excited about life and the future. Winter really does weigh heavy on me, and seems to be endless. So, thank God that's over with! :)
Yesterday I bought this table cloth at Marshall's. It was $5.00! I've been on the look out for awhile now, for a cute, bright table cloth. I finally found one, ha. I also bought the fake flowers and plastic watering can this week, at Michael's. I'd like to find more cute decorations for the apartment, but unfortunatly I haven't had much look finding stores that have things I like, and at good prices.

I made chocolate oatmeal cookies last night, my Mom's recipe. I've made them a couple of others times since we've lived here. (Been here almost a year now!) They turned out great. They are definetly one of my fav kinds of cookies ever!

And here's an outfit:

I LOVE this lace skater dress! The colour is so bright. I think the neon pink belt goes well with it. The orange in the sandals matches the shade of the dress perfectly. Can't wait to rock this outfit when it gets a bit warmer out!

~Bye for now

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