Sunday, April 7, 2013

People are strange, when you're a stranger

Hello! What a nice, sunny weekend we've been having here! And it's getting warmer, little by little, which I'm loving. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 70, and 75 on Tuesday!!! That makes me so happy. Today's going to be a nice, relaxing day with Bob. Mad Men premieres tonight, it's a two hour long episode, and I'm very excited! It's been off the air for over a year. Way too long, in my opinion. 
Since Spring is here, and starting to feel like it, I've been thinking about places I want to go in the Spring/Summer! I'm glad we went to New Hope a couple weeks ago, that's definetly a place I love to visit. I want to go to NYC for the day, very soon. Bob and I will probably go at the end of April, one weekend day. I can't wait!! Love being in the city. I want to go to Seaside, of course. Probably we'll go in beginning/middle of June, and then again later in Summer. We're going on vacation to Virginia Beach this Summer! It's not booked yet, but we've talked about it. I love it there, and am so looking forward to it! I'd like to go to Atlantic City for a night or two, as well. 
Yesterday, I cleaned the apartment, did laundry, worked out, ran a couple errands, relaxed for a little while...and at night, went out to two bars in town with Bob, and some of his friends. At the first bar, Marley's, there was a guy there, wearing a polyester collared button down shirt, which was red, white, and blue, with a Mickey Mouse was quite the sight to behold. You just don't see too many of those types of shirts around ha.
I put a package of Birthday Cake Oreos at Target, yesterday. I've had them before, but haven't bought them in a little while. They are soooo sweet, which I love!


I had another Modcloth purchase arrive yesterday! I got a bright necklace, in rainbow colours, as well as a really neat watch, with a cool rainbow yarn face. These items will be shown in pictures below! I can always count on Modcloth for amazing, unique finds! And they have so many items in BRIGHT colours, which I of course love! I used to go the mall about once every two weeks...but lately, I haven't been needing to go, since I've found so much great stuff online! The last time I went to a mall was about seven weeks ago. (Other than when I was on vacation in Vegas, a month ago.)
I ordered these sandals from on Friday. They're Jessica Simpson brand. Can't wait for them to come! They should match a lot of my clothes

Oh, and the title of my blog comes from a Doors song, "People Are Strange", heard the song playing at Marley's last night. 

 Here are pics of my outfit for today, and I'm wearing my new Modcloth necklace and watch in them!

Red shirt: Marshall's (Cable & Gauge brand)
Pink tank: Express
Jeans: Kohl's 
Flip flops: Old Navy
Watch: Modcloth
Necklace: Modcloth

~Tata for now!~


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