Monday, September 28, 2015

29 & Feeling Fine

Hello there! Bob & I had an eventful weekend. We went to the New England Shake Up, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We got there Friday night (it's a four hour drive), and left late Sunday morning. The nicest thing about going to these types of events, is blending into the crowd, so to speak. I hate getting stared at, and at these events, if people are looking at me, it's because they appreciate/like my outfits, not because they dont "get it"/think I look weird. It's kind of a surreal feeling, actually, because no one in my area dresses anything like me. I live in quite a rural area. But, even when I've gone into NYC, I haven't seen women dressed "pin-up" ish. I know there are definitely some there, but I just haven't seen them. It's kind of a hard feeling to explain really (being at these events), but it's awesome! It makes me feel less alone...less alone in my interests, I guess I would say. Seeing tons of lovely "pin-up" ladies on Instagram is one thing, but it's a whole other thing in person! Luckily, my husband is so sweet and patient, that he tags along with me to these events. This is only our second time going to an event like this. Viva Las Vegas in April was the first, and I'm pushing to go back this April!! Although, I think he is getting more interested, because this time we listened to a lot of bands, and both really liked all of the music. At Viva, we didn't watch any bands. Going to the NESU, makes me very excited at the possibility of going back to Viva in April! 
I met some lovely ladies this weekend. One of them, Sara, I knew would be going, and we had planned to meet up at some point. She has a blog here, I'm so glad we finally met in person! She's so sweet and nice, just like I thought she would be. Another girl, Christina, introduced herself to me, and told me has been following me on Instagram, and wanted to take a picture with me. Sara and I got to talk to her for awhile. She's also such a sweetheart. The first night, I met two girls who recognized me from the Trashy Diva group I'm in on Facebook. They were also really nice. I'm glad I got to meet all of them. 
The event itself was a lot smaller than Bob & I thought it would be. We knew it would obviously be smaller than Viva, but it really paled in comparision. There were only about 30 cars at the car show, and not a lot of vendors. But, we still had fun! I found a few things to buy too, of course. I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket! (My birthdays is today). I got a "retroversible" skirt from Julie Mollo. It's yellow one on side & pink on the other! I love it! I've been wanting a sunshine-y shade of yellow skirt for awhile now, as well as a pink one. Now I have two in one! I'm wearing both sides in the pitures below. Bob bought me a bright blue circle skirt from Mode Merr for my birthday. I also bought a cupcake bolero for $20(!), a pair of sunglasses, and a red top, all from Mode Merr. Oh yea, and a cupcake print skirt from Strange Beauty Bombshell, but I don't have it in my possession yet, because she's going to take it in & then ship it to me. (She didn't have my size available at the show.)
The title of my post is because I'm 29 today! Sounds weird to say that!

"Retroversible" skirt!

Christina, Sara and I

Other side of the "retroversible" skirt & my cupcake bolero!



  1. I'm with you Bristol, I'm trying to attend more vintage/pinup/rockabilly events, so I "feel" as part of a community so to speak. I live in a small town also and there isn't many ladies dressing in this style we both love, but in saying that I do feel like it's slowly getting more popular. For example my town just recently had it's first annual vintage festival, which I did blogged about and I got to meet quite a number of local ladies who do wear the pinup/rockabilly fashion which was so awesome! :)

  2. YAY! It was such a fun weekend - and it was SO fun hanging out with you! You're spot on with the satisfactory feeling of being "among our people." It was a crazy feeling!! =D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way! You sneaky gal! If I had known...OH if I had known.... ;P

  3. Gorgeous! I always love how you pair your accessories, they always match beautifully. I'm hoping to fly over for Viva next year, I've heard amazing things 😃

  4. Happy birthday Bristol!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the New England Shake Up. That's so much fun that you got to run into a blogger you talk with and two ladies from the DSTD group! Love all your outfits! So cute!