Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Orleans, Part II

Hello there! I'm so happy the weekend is here. Bob and I are going to the New England Shake-Up next weekend, and I'm pretty excited for that. We haven't gone before, and it'll be the first time we're going to a rockabilly event in the Northeast. We might get to see some beautiful foiliage on our drive up. If you didn't know, New England is famous for their foliage. The leaves haven't started changing here yet, which I'm glad about, because I'm really not looking forward to the quickly advancing advent of fall. By the way it's not fall yet, it's not until the 23rd. One of my pet peeves is people rushing the seasons!
The first picture below is just showing a typical New Orleans building. I just adore the architecture/design there. It's like no other place I've ever been. I also of course love how much colour is used on the buildings!! Many places have brightly coloured doors. There's a picture of me below in front of a bright blue door. I also really love the huge balconies. I would love to have one some day. 
It was the Southern Decadence Festival for most of the time we were there. It's a huge gay festival. We didn't see too many signs of it until Friday night, especially on Bourbon Street (which is what we figured). It was neat to see. I'm a huge supporter of LGBT. 
The last night we were there we saw a wedding parade in the street! We had never seen one there before. The last picture below is of the procession. It was really cool to see! There was a lot of dancing and music. During our trip we did see some other brides & grooms getting their pictures taken though. I can see why people would chose New Orleans to get married!

Southern Decadence

Patrick, the cat who lives at our hotel!

A Wedding Parade!


  1. Your trip looks like so much fun!!!! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans

  2. Look like you had a really great time in New Orleans. :)

  3. So happy to hear you had a great trip! What a fun thing to see the wedding parade! What a fun thing to do! I love the pic of Patrick the cat too! Such a good kitty!