Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Hope

Hellooo! So yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to New Hope, and met up with his friend, and his friend's friend. The sun was out the whole day, so that was nice! I don't normally wear skirts/dresses much in the Winter, because I hate the cold. But, I decided to try and brave it, and wore my ticket dress. It ended up being alright, I wasn't too cold. 
I bought a super cute necklace, and a magnet, and a card. I love New Hope, it's such a cute town to walk around. We ate dinner at Triumph Brewing. I got a burger, it was pretty good. We had drinks there, and then had some more in Milford, at the Ship Inn. It was a fun day/night. I hadn't been to New Hope sine last July, so I had been bugging Bob to go back ha. 
Today I'm looking forward to just relaxing with Bob. I loveee lazy Sundays with him! :) I'm gonna work out and bake Veronica's cookies, too. (They are soooo good!) 

Here's what I wore:

The last picture, right above, is the heart necklace I bought in New Hope, I got it from this cool store called Thirteen Vintage. I love the colours. It says: love, lust, like, and hate on it, The arrow spins.

Dress: Modcloth
Shrug: Target
Belt: Kohl's
Tights: Old Navy
Flats: (Jessica Simpson brand) These shoes are sooooo comfy!!!
Necklace: Modcloth
Bracelet: Francesca's Collections
Orange ring: Gift from my sister

There are a few dresses on Modcloth I have been obsessing over, here they are:

I REALLY want the first one pictured, the Together and Apartment dress. I LOVE that print! Of course it's the most expensive of the 3, ha. And I'm not sure what size to order, because there's a zipper on the dress, and dresses with zippers are always risky for me. I'll probably end up ordering it soon though, because it's just SO cute!



  1. That dress is SO cute. And I have that last red scotty dog dress - it's amazing. And I have really been wanting to go to New Hope - the vintage store sounds great, I'll have to get over there soon!

  2. Thanks! Oh alright, ha...yea, I'll probably end up getting it sometime. I have a constant wish list from Modcloth, I have to try to contain myself! Yea, you should definetly go there! It's a great, beautiful town. It's a very artistic/creative place, with cute little shops!