Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Spring, why won't the weather act like it??

Hello there! I'm so glad it's Spring, finally! But, I wish the weather would act accordingly. It snowed here Monday, and has been quite cold the whole week. I'm very sick of the cold/gray! 
Today I received two packages in the mail! That brightened my day a bit, ha. One is a neon orange dress from Express, featured in the pictures below. It is VERY bright & I love it! I have this dress in neon yellow/greenish, as well. I also have it in bright blue, and another orange one- but the bright blue and orange one, do not  have a lace overlay. They are simple stretch cotton. These types of dresses from Express are called "Skater" dresses. I wear them with a belt at the waist, and they're very flattering for my body type.
I also received yellow sandals, from Modcloth. They are in the fist picture.I love them! They are bright and cheerful, and comfy. :)

Sandals in first pic: Modcloth
Dress: Express
Belt: Express
Bracelet on left hand: Express
Bracelet on right hand: Francesca's Collections
Necklace: Brighton
Flip flops: Old Navy

~That's it for now! Until next time...


  1. I'm frustrated with the lack of warmth too. We basically had a snow flurry this morning, which is not welcome! I love skater dresses too, they're super flattering and versatile! Love the neon colors!

    xox Sammi

    1. Aww. :( Yes, it's definetly not welcome!! We're supposed to get snow/rain this Monday. Hopefully it just ends up being rain. Ugh!!
      Yea, they really are great! And thanks :)