Monday, July 1, 2019

Showgirl Royalty

Hello there! I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in three weeks; that just slipped by. This past weekend I had a three day weekend; I had off on Friday. I didn't do a lot either, so I had a lot of relaxation time, which was nice. Saturday afternoon my mom and I went antiquing locally, and I just got a piece of turquoise Pyrex. In the evening Bob and I went out to dinner, and then ran errands. 
I'm happy this week is another short week at work, for the 4th of July. I do work on Friday, though; I know some people don't, since the 4th is on a Thursday. Bob and I are going to my parent's house on the 4th. My sister will be home, and my grandparents, and a few others are coming, too. I'll be making blondies; if you've never had them, they're amazing. They're brownies that taste like chocolate chip cookies!
The roof is on our house now, and next is the plumbing work, which I believe will begin this week.
We've been having quite the heat wave, with it being about 90 almost all of last week, and going to be for most of this week, although today and yesterday weren't as bad. I wish the ocean were right next door, instead of an hour and a half away! 
In the pictures below I'm wearing the outfit I wore to go out to eat on Saturday night. This is truly one of my favorite dresses, and I also find it to be quite flattering on me. The skirt isn't full, since the style is a 1940's style, and not my usual 50's style, but I still love it. I have worn this dress a lot since I got it a few months ago. I think the print and the colors in it are so beautiful. I have a few Bakelite bangles that match the colors in the feathers so well, so I always wear those bangles with it. 

Dress: Trashy Diva
Necklace: Viva Las Vegas (vintage)
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Earrings: Etsy(Luxulite)

Purse: Enid Collins
Sandals: Remix Vintage Shoes

~Bye bye for now!

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  1. It's SUPER flattering on you - all Trashy Diva dresses seem to be! Hmm...a good enough reason to buy MORE!?!?!?! I think so!!!