Sunday, July 7, 2013

Target Outfit

Hello there! We had a good time in New Hope yesterday. I actually didn't buy anything in the stores, which was good for my wallet! We did stop for drinks, and some food though. We sat outside, which is what I wanted to do. But, it definetly was really hot, even in the shade. My sister had never been to New Hope before. She liked it, but not as much as we do.
It's my mom's birthday today! So, I'll be heading out to meet her and my sister for lunch soon. It's very easy to remember her bday- 7/7, and my dad's- 12/12. Also, my mom's sister is 10/10 & her husband is 12/12, too! Very odd, ha.
The outfit in the pictures below is quite form fitting. I'm definetly not wearing it out to lunch with my family! Ha. I haven't worn this skirt in awhile. I like the pattern, it's colourful and funky. My new blue Saltwater sandals match well with the blue in the skirt. Both my top & skirt are from Target. Sometimes I don't find clothes there that I like for awhile, but when I do see things there, it's good because they're cheap!

Tank: Target
Mini skirt: Target
Neclace: Shop in New Hope
Bracelet: Francesca's Collections
Ring: Kate Spade outlet
Sandals: Modcloth (Saltwater sandals brand)

Some pictures from our New Hope trip yesterday:

My sis

A cute display in a candy store window. Love the Candyland design!

This Xmas store is open all year long!

Bye bye for now!

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