Sunday, January 31, 2016

Green Kimono Anna

Hello there! What a sunny weekend we've been having! It's been so nice, after all the gray skies we've been having. It's all going to really warm up this week, which I'm excited for. It'll be in the 50's a couple days or so. Bob and I started watching "The Following" on Netflix yesterday, and we watched a few episodes. I had heard good things about it. Bob's not so impressed with it, but I think it's decent. I like suspensful shows like that. A lot of times there's nothing that really jumps out at me from Netflix (other than when there's new episodes of "Orange Is The New Black" and "Wentworth"), and we end up just watching TV.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Anna Green Kimono dress. I have this dress in a halter style, too. I like having the two options though. This one is better for wintertime (although not great, because the material is very light) than the Lena halter one (which is also shorter). This print is just divine. I really don't know why I wasn't 100% sure about the print when it first came out. When I finally saw it in person at Enz's in NYC, I loved it, and bought the Lena one there. I ended up getting this one (which wasn't available online anymore) from someone in the TD group I'm in. I like that this is more of a 1940's look. I don't really have any other 1940's ish dresses. I'm obviously all about the 50's, ha. I hardly have any green dresses in my wardrobe, in fact my two Green Kimonos may be my only ones with a green background. I don't wear bracelets every day, but I think this carved wood bangle goes great with the dress. I got it from Luxulite. 

Dress: Facebook group (Trashy Diva)
Necklace, Bangle: Etsy

Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hello there! Happy weekend! I don't really have plans this weekend, just doing the usual tasks I take care of on the weekend. Bob just wants to stay in, because he had such a stressful, busy last Saturday-Monday with all the plowing he had to do. He didn't a weekend at all last weekend, and in fact worked longer days (11 hours). I wet set my hair last night, to take outfit pictures today with my hair curly from the set. I don't love how it turned out, but it's not awful. I wish I could figure out how to vintage style my hair more effectively! I've been trying for a few months now, and I'm still not loving the results most of the time, and I still can't figure out how to get height in the front of my hair. I tease it and use hairspray and/or pomade, etc., and it still doesn't work. It's frustrating!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Red Waterlilies L'amour dress. I missed out in this print when TD was selling it, because I wasn't crazy about it at first. It ended up growing on me though, so I began searching for it online, on eBay and other sites. I ended up finding this one one eBay, for a good price, because the hem is a bit uneven. But, I don't even notice it when it's on, and I don't think anyone else does either! I always wear this with my yellow BAITs, and I don't think I'd pair the dress with any other shoes. This dress is perfect for a tiki bar, and in fact I wore it to tiki bars in New Orleans.


Dress: eBay (Trashy Diva)
Cardi: Booth at Viva Las Vegas
Necklace, Brooch: Etsy (Vintage Headquarters, Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Oranges

Hello there! The weather's warmed up a bit here, after our record setting snowfall last weekend. It was actually in the 40's today and sunny, which felt nice! There's no snow in the forecast either, which is great. 2.5 months from today we leave for Vegas...but, who's counting, ha? I would fast forward over winter (well, other than Christmas) every year, if I could. Who needs it?! I certainly don't!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Pin Up Girl Clothing oranges Jenny dress. This is definitely my favorite PUG dress, and also one of my fav dresses in general. As you are well aware, I love a good fruit print! I love pairing it with my green BAIT Idas, and my new Rough Seas Designs fruit purse. Wearing the yellow cropped cardi, orange belt, and green Idas brings out all the colors in the dress.

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Cropped cardigan: eBay (Old Navy)
Necklace, Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowed In

Hello there! Well, it finally stopped snowing, after getting two feet dumped on us. We went from not getting over half an inch of snow this winter, to this; pretty amazing. This has to be one of our worst snowstorms of all time as well, in fact I'm pretty sure we officially had a blizzard, which is crazy. I only remember us having one other blizzard (in '96). I know my sister (in Nashville) got around 8 inches, which her boyfriend thought was a record for Nashville. The weather forecasters usually get the forecast wrong, they hype it all up, with not enough results, but in this case, they underestimated. Bob was barely home yesterday, and will probably be gone most of the day and evening today. I can't leave, because I don't have a shovel here, and can't get my car out.
I really didn't think the mail would come yesterday, considering how bad it was out, but it did come. My new fruit purse and sprinkles duvet cover and pillowcases arrived, as seen below. I had to wash & dry the cover and pillowcases immediately, & put them on my bed! The set is so darn cute. Luckily, Bob doesn't mind my aesthetic, ha! 
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Modcloth rainbow stripe skirt. I'm glad it was brighter in person that my computer monitor showed. I used to show at Modcloth A LOT, but the past year or so, they hadn't been selling hardly anything I was interested in. They hardly had any bright, fun novelty prints. This skirt is perfect though, and I also got a rainbow dress and pair of BAIT shoes recently. The skirt and dress I got are from their new inhouse Modcloth brand line.


Top: Heart of Haute
Cropped cardi: Poshmark (Old Navy)
Skirt: Modcloth
Brooch, Earrings: Etsy (Atomicmingo & Scrumptiousdoodle)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bubbles Dress

Hello there! We are currently getting walloped with snow. I have to say, since the weather people usually get it wrong (usually overestimate), I wasn't so sure we'd really get majorly hit. We woke up to 6 inches of snow, with it still snowing hard, and it's windy. My sister, who moved to Nashville in August, got the snow before we did. This is our first real snowfall this season. She sent me a picture yesterday morning of the snow they had there, plus since they hardly get snow there, they are not equipped to take care of the roads well. So, the roads were a disaster. Bob left a little bit ago, to do his first round of plowing. I worry when he goes out in awful conditions like this. He will probably have to do three rounds of plowing all of his customers. I think he'll be coming in between each round though. Some of the driveways he does are very steep. Plus, he won't even get to have a weekend!
I'll be at home relaxing, and getting some things done, like cleaning, laundry, and working out. I'm definitely going to watch the movie "Everest". It's based on the book "Into Thin Air", which I just read.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a Heart of Haute dress I got back in September. I love the print on it, and also the style. It's a different style than any of my other dresses. The skirt isn't as full as most of my dresses, and it's on the short side for me. My orange cropped cardi from PUG goes with it perfectly though. This cardi doesn't match many other items in my wardrobe.

Dress: (Heart of Haute)
Cardi: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Necklace: Etsy

Brooch: Deer Arrow
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Unicorn Dreams Really Do Come True!

Hello there! Can NOT wait for this work week to be over already. Today felt like a Friday, which really sucks for me for tomorrow. We are supposed to be getting our first real snowfall of the season this weekend. Unfortunately for my husband that means he won't have much of a weekend. I feel bad for him! Last winter almost every single time we had major snowfall it was on a weekend. I'm just glad I won't have to drive to work in it! Driving in snow/ice is one of my biggest fears, and I avoid it as much as I can. I'm meeting my friend for a drink tomorrow night, but I'm sure the rest of the weekend will be spent indoors.
Well, in very exiting news (to me at least!), my most sought after and desired dress ever arrived to my apartment tonight! By the time I wanted the dress, it was out of production, so I bought the only thing left in the print, when I was in New Orleans on my honeymoon. I bought a bolero, to wear with red dresses, and I do love the bolero...but, I still desired a dress in the rockets print something fierce! I kept my eyes opening for a year and a half, all over the internet, and I finally lucked out! A girl that is in the Trashy Diva Faxebook group I'm in messaged me, and offered it to me!  It was the size that I wear in the Annette style (the dress I got is the Annette style). It's now my third Annette. This dress actually is easier to zip than my other two, which is great for my husband, ha! I just love it soooo much, and am so over the moon that she's finally mine! 

Dress: Facebook Group (Trashy Diva)
Necklace: Modcloth

Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: (BAIT Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

French Quarter Skirt

Hello there! Last night Bob and I watched "The Martian". I had read the book a few months ago. Bob hadn't been interested in seeing the movie (he doesn't like Matt Damon), but once it started getting more interesting/dramatic, he was sucked in, ha. I thought the movie was good. I liked the book, except for the parts where it got really scientific/technical. My brain just couldn't focus on those parts, or understand them!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva French Quarter print skirt. This skirt ran small, and is tight on my waist, but I can manage, and can't bear to sell it. It's one of the rarest/hardest TD prints to find, as no one wants to sell theirs, and I can see why! The print is simply gorgeous. Also, being New Orleans is my favorite city, it is quite perfect for me. I wear this fruit neckace all the time, it's truly my favorite necklace. I paid more for it than any other jewelry I have bought, but it was worth it.

Sweater: Gift (Heart of Haute)
Skirt: Facebook swap group (Trashy Diva)

Necklace: Vendor at an antique mall
Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: Modcloth (BAIT Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Oldie But A Goodie

Hello there! I don't have plans for today, other than the usual tasks I do on Saturdays, and Bob's working. Tomorrow Bob and I are supposed to see "Joy" at the movies. I don't like going to the movies, I'd much rather watch movies at home, but unfortunately, "Joy" isn't available on demand yet. Bob doesn't like going to the movies either. Another reason I don't like this time of year, is that it's too cold and gross to go on day trips on the weekend. Once March comes, we'll start going places on the weekend again, like New Hope and NYC. We haven't been to NYC since June, and I really want to go back, to go to Enz's (a store), Otto's Shrunken Head (tiki bar), and the Bagel Store (which sells rainbow bagels! We've never been there before). We still go to Bethlehem in the winter, since we don't have to walk around there. We just park right by the restaurant and the one shop that I love.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Folter brand junk food dress that I got from Modcloth about two and a half years ago. I remember debating ordering it for months, because even though I adored the print, I didn't know if I'd feel comfortable wearing something so "loud". Ha! How times have changed...because obviously now I'm very comfortable wearing "loud" outfits. Even though I still dislike the stares I get. I got this cropped Heart of Haute sweater from Retro Glam, during one of their great sales. I already had two red cropped cardigans, but they are more of a dark, dull red. This bright shade is great to match with a lot of my outfits.

Dress: Modcloth (Folter)
Cropped Sweater: Retro Glam (Heart of Haute)
Necklace: Etsy (Luxulite)
Brooch: Deer Arrow

Flats: Shoe Bakery

~Bye bye for now!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fruit & Flowers

Hello there! Ugh, it's been so cold this week (well, other than Sunday), the only thing getting me through are thoughts of spring and vacation. Yes, I know we are only done with three weeks of winter now, but that's progress, right?? It gives me some hope... Weather wise, I really am not a fan of November-March. So technically, we are now halfway done with that stretch! Anyway, not much going on with me this week. Bob's brother came over tonight, to have dinner with Bob; they cooked it together. I ate something else, and then read "People" magazines for hours, ha. I take them out of the library, and when I don't go for a few weeks, I get to take a bunch out! I'm also reading "The Book Thief" right now. It's a big book, over 500 pages, and I'm about 100 pages in. I hope it's as good as I've heard.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Voo Doo Vixen apple, strawberry, and floral print dress. I purchased it right after Christmas for $41, with some of the money I received for Christmas. I can't resist an adorable shirt dress, that's for sure. The background shade of green is really bright in person. The dress came with a cheap cloth belt which didn't do anything for me, so I swapped it out for one of my Bernie Dexter belts. I got the BAIT saddle shoes I'm wearing in these pictures for Christmas from my parents. They are my very first pair of saddle shoes. They're pretty comfy, and while I think they're really cute, I won't be wearing them all the time, as I still prefer my low heels.


Dress: Doll Me Up Darling (Voo Doo Vixen)
Necklace, Brooch: Etsy
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lena Green Kimono

Hello there! It's a dreary day here, but is going to be 57 degrees. Bob and I are just staying home today. We finished watching "Wentworth" on Netflix last night, and wow, what a great last episode it was! It gave closure to a lot of things, including what we had been waiting so long for, for the governor to finally get caught by law enforcement. The end of the last episode made it seem like there'll be another season, so I looked it up, and happily, there will be, although I could only find that it'll be in 2016, not which month. 
I'm *hoping* to book our Vegas trip today, I'm all set to do it, but Bob keeps wanting to wait to do it. I don't want to miss out on the flight times we want though, so I'm hoping he'll let us do it today.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Green Kimono print Lena dress. When this print first came out over a year ago, I liked it, but for some reason I hesitated in buying it. When I was in NYC this past June formy wedding anniversary, I went to Enz's, and bought this dress. I couldn't believe I had hesitated in ordering the print! It's so bright and lovely in person, I even bought this print in a different style TD dress later on! There's so many colors in it, that it gives me so many different optins for shoes and jewelry. The print looks a lot like beach balls.

Dress: Enz's (Trashy Diva)
Sweater: Gift (Heart of Haute)
Necklace: Etsy (Luxulite)
Bracelet: Vendor at an antique mall 

Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Perfect New Year's Eve Dress....A Little Late

Hello there! Bob's working a half day today. I'm going to clean, do laundry, work out, and run a couple errands. Bob and I are going to finish watching the third season of "Wentworth" tonight. We just saw a couple of days ago that new episodes were available on Netflix. It's such a good, suspensful show. After season two, we didn't have high hopes for season three, becuase we figured where else could they take the show? But, this season has not disappointed. The governor of the prison is especially compelling to watch, and angering! She's quite diabolical. I'm waiting for it all to blow up in her face!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Bernie Dexter dress! Another amazing Bernie to add to my collection. I have to say Bernie & Trashy Diva are tied for being my favorite dress makers. Of course I received this dress right after New Year's, it obviously is the most perfect New Year's Eve dress! But, I figured I can wear it on New Year's Eve, my wedding anniversary, my birthday, weddings & bridal showers, etc. I even wore it to Applebee's last night to meet my friend, ha. I loved it so much, I didn't want to take it off when I got home from work & tried it on. The only size note, is that it's tighter in the chest than my other Bernie Chelsea dresses, in the same size. It almost didn't zip at the top. This is another dress I bought with money I got for Christmas. I love the color pairing of aqua & coral. My Erstwilder flamingo jewelry is just the perfect match as well. I had loved the dress when I first saw it online awhile back, but didn't order it, because at first I didn't think I'd really wear it much other than for New Year's. But, then girls that I follow online started getting it (or the one in black), and it looked so nice on them, that it convinced me to go for it. 

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing (Bernie Dexter)
Sweater: Gift (Heart of Haute)

Necklace, Brooch: Gifts (Erstwilder)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Turquiose Lena

Hello there! I'm so glad this work week is almost done! I am ready for the weekend. It's rough going back to full five day work weeks, after previously having two four day work weeks in a row! Tomorrow night after work I'm meeting my good friend for a drink. Other than that, I don't have really have plans yet for this weekend. 
The dress I'm wearing in the picture below I received from Retro Glam this week. It's Trashy Diva brand. I hadn't been on the hunt for it before I bought it (it's been out of production for awhile now). But, once Retro Glam posted that they were having a great sale, I went on the site and looked at a few brands, including TD. Even though this dress is on the "dressier" side, and I won't be wearing it too often, to me it was worth it, because it's simply gorgeous!! I love the halter style, with the beads around the bust and on the straps, blue the color is so pretty. It's a softer blue than I'd normally wear. I'm definitely wearing it at Viva Las Vegas! The dress is super tight on my chest, and just zips. But, I love it so much, that I'm thinking of also getting it in the new wine color on TD's website. I don't want to spend full price for it though, so I'm going to wait a bit at least. I received another "dressier" dress this week from TD, that I also won't be able to wear it too often. But, before the purchase of these two dresses, I didn't really have any "fancy" dresses. I got the other dress for a steal, too! I've been doing really well with holiday/after holiday sales lately!


Dress: Retro Glam (Trashy Diva)
Heels: Modcloth (B.A.I.T. Footwear)

~Bye bye for now!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Hello there! Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Bob and I went to his friend's party, about forty minutes away, and we got home around 1:45. I didn't really feel like going out, but he doesn't get to see his friends too often, so I went (two of his good friends live about forty minutes away). I didn' t have anything to drink, and it's always interesting to watch others under the influence, when you are not, ha.
The outfit in the pictures below is one of my all time favorites. I love the pairing of it with y new green BAIT Idas. Before I received them, I had been pairing the dress with black heels. But, as is glaringly obvious, I adore color, so I'm always glad when I can wear non-black shoes with my outfits! I'm also wearing my new Heart of Haute cropped sweater that I got for Christmas. I also wear this fruity necklace as much as possible, which is a good thing, since I spent more on it than I've ever spent on a piece of jewelry. The print of this dress just can't be beat. A few girls on Instagram that I follow have recently gotten this dress, or the same Bernie print, but in the Veronique style. (The one I'm wearing is the Paris style.) I have a PUG oranges dress, which I always wear a lot. Just can't beat a great fruit print. 

Dress: Bernie Dexter
Sweater: Gift (Heart of Haute)
Necklace: Vendor at an antique mall
Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!