Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Handmade Ice Cream Dress!

Hello there! My mom finished the first dress for me! I picked it up tonight. I reallyyyy love it. It's a little big in the bust/waist, but this thick black belt helps to hide that. She's going to take it in for me a bit when she gets home from vacation. I just think the pattern and colours are so amazing! I have this dress in green, I got it from Modcloth in June. I love both of them, but I definetly love pink more than green, ha. This dress is pretty close to a coral shade.
My new Francesca's Collections necklace paired well the coral and yellow in the dress. I love this necklace so much, I keep reaching for it to pair with outfits. 
Ahh, thank God tomorrow is Friday!!! But, the day is definetly going to drag since it's my last day at work before vacation. I am already on vacation in my mind, ha!


Dress: Handmade by my mom!
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace and bracelet: Francesca's Collections
Sandals: Modcloth (Saltwater Sandals)

~Bye bye for now!


  1. your mom was able to recreate the dress from modcloth?! AMAZING! i love it!


    1. Yup, she was! The style of the dress is a bit different from the Modcloth one...but, not too much! And yup same exact fabric, just in coral. Thank you! I really love it, too.

  2. She did a great job! Where did you manage to find the fabric?

    1. Thanks, Sarah! She really is very gifted. I found it on Ebay. They also had it on Etsy. The designer is Thomas Kaufman.