Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello there! Ugh, it's Monday yet again. I won't be doing much tonight, besides working out. My mom might stop by for a little bit too, she wants me to try on the top part of a dress she's making for me. It'll be nice to relax tonight. I'm still a little tired from my lack of sleep this weekend. 
In the pictures below, I'm wearing a top I bought at Macy*s yesterday. I love the colours in the top.... the bright orange, red, pink, and blue especially. This necklace matches perfectly with it. I have three necklaces like this, and I love them. I frequently wear orange, pink, and red. The bright blue shade of my tank top/the bright blue in the top, seem to be quite popular lately. I've been finding a lot of items in this shade of blue, and it's my favourite shade of blue.

Shirt: Macy*s (Cable & Gauge brand)
Tank: Express
Shorts: Express
Sandals: (Saltwater Sandals brand)
Necklace: Shop in NYC
Bracelet: Express
Ring: Gift from my sister

~Bye bye for now!

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