Sunday, August 11, 2013

Perona Farms

Hello there! I know I just posted pictures of me wearing my new ice cream print dress that my mom made me, but, here are some more! Ha. I just had to pair the dress with my new Keds sprinkles print sneakers! I'm obsessed with these sneaks. They are so perfect for me! They were on sale for $35, with free shipping. They have free shipping on all orders! I've actually never had a pair of Keds. (That I can remember.) 
When I found them online they only had one size left! A size 10. I'm a size I was praying they wouldn't be toooo big on me. They are big, but I bought these inserts to put in the back of the shoes, and it does help a bit. They are still a little big, but it's fine.  :)
The first few pictures are from my trip to visit a possible reception site for our wedding! I went with my mom and Bob yesterday. We visited a place called Perona Farms. It's really beautiful there! T
hey have two options for receptions. One is inside an old barn, the other is the typical ballroom option. The barn reception is more expensive. They recently renovated the inside of the barn. It's so nice/rustic in there!There are plenty of areas on their property to take beautiful pictures. They have an apple orchard and a lake with fountains in it, as well as a bridge over the lake. 
I had been to Perona Farms once for a wedding and reception, a few years ago. I didn't really remember what it looked like or how was the food was. Bob says he remembers that their food is really good. (He used to go there when he was a lot younger with his family for brunch.) 
Today, I'm going to another reception site with Bob and my mom. It's actually two minutes from our apartment. Later on I'm heading up to my parent's house to celebrate my grandmother's 86th bday! Having dinner there, and my mom's amazing triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It is the BEST!

First set of pics:
Dress: Marshall's (Calvin Klein)
Sandals: Modcloth (Saltwater sandals)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Bracelet: Icing

Second set of pics:
Dress: Made by my mom!
Belt: Kohl's
Sneakers: Keds
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Bracelet: Francesca's Collections

Watch: Modcloth
Earings: Gift from my mom

~Bye bye for now!

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