Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Purse

Hello there! I met with a florist today, and I'm also meeting with one tomorrow. The one I met with today does it on her own, as a part-time, side job. She doesn't work for a flower shop or anything. I saw her garden, which was sooo gorgeous! I'm waiting for an email from her with prices though. She didn't give me any price info while I was speaking to her. She did give me a flower arrangement though, which surprised me! It's pictured below.
 In the pictures below, I'm wearing a dress I've worn once before on my blog. I'm wearing it with different jewelry and shoes though. I love this colour! Such a perfect shade of orange. I wear this dress to work, but I could also wear it out/to parties, etc. I got it from Marshall's over a year ago; it's Calvin Klein. He makes such flattering dresses! I have three Calvin Klein dresses now that I've scored at Marshall's.
The purse in the pictures is new. It came today from Modcloth. I've been looking for a bright yellow purse for some time now. I saw this months ago on Modcloth, but didn't think it was worth the price for such a small one. So, I scored it on the 70% off sale- for $18.99! 
I bought the tin pictured below at Home Goods yesterday for $3.99. I love it! So cute and cheery. My mom and I both love cute tins, but she has A LOT more than I do! Ha. 

Dress: Marshall's (Calvin Klein)
Necklace, bracelet: Francesca's Collections
Purse: Modcloth
Sandals: (Jessica Simpson)
Necklace, bracelet: Francesca's Collections 

~Bye bye for now!

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