Tuesday, August 27, 2013

House Print/Sprinkle Sneaks

Hello there! Today just wasn't my day. It was one of those days were little things keep going wrong, and then it gets you thinking about the bigger things in your life that are bothering you. Hope tomorrow will be a better day! We are inching slowly closer to that three day weekend!
So, today during lunch break I sat outside under a tree to get some shade. I only sat there about five minutes or so, and then I went back inside. I discovered later on that I had sat on berries, because I had several red stains on the back of my dress! And I really love the dress I was wearing. When I got home from work I used a stain remover spray, and it did help. And I just threw it in the wash now, so hopefully there'll be nothing, or almost nothing left to the stains! 
Tonight I'm not doing much. Just working out and relaxing. Thursday night is our only wedding appointment this week. We're meeting with a DJ who lives a mile and a half from us, which is great that the drive is so close. His price is great, so I really hope that we like him, and will pick him. So far we haven't picked anything other than the wedding/reception sites. I'd really like to be able to make at least one more major decision soon!
In the pictures below, I'm wearing one of my four dresses with a house print. I hadn't tried to pair this dress with these sneakers before, but I like the combo. 

Dress: Modcloth
Belt: Ann Taylor Outlet
Necklace: Francesca's
Bracelet: Kohl's (Mudd brand)
Sneakers: Keds

~Bye bye for now!

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