Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brady Bunch Houses

Hello there! So, I got my hair done yesterday at a salon around the corner. I got it done as a trial appointment for my wedding! I loved what she did. I had showed her a picture of what I wanted. The front of the hair is very simple/normal looking, but, the back is AMAZING! My mom came to the salon a little later to see it, and she really loved it, and was really impressed with the hair stylist's skills. I'm just glad I got it out of the way, and that the stylist is so good. She'll be the same one doing my hair the day of the wedding. 
After I got my hair done, my mom and I stopped over at my grandparent's house. She wanted me to show them my hair. Whenever I go over there I also love visiting with their kitties! They have two gray Maine Coons, and they're sweet girls. (Maine Coons are my favourite cats ever.) I really miss not having a cat live with me.
Bob's parents and brother came over for dinner last night. Bob made quesidillas, and they were SO good! He doesn't make them much, I should remind him to make them more! And tonight he's making us a tomato tart. I'm excited; it's one of my fav dishes that he makes. 
At Target yesterday, I found some of the cutest decorations!! I got two of them same exact buckets, one is shown in a picture below. They have sweets all over them- ice cream, cake, cupcakes, they are just so perfect for me/my decorating style. I also picked up a cute little spring basket, also shown in a picture below. I'm going to go back soon, and pick up a rainbow wreath, and maybe some more little decorations. I hardly had any spring/Easter decorations before. I just love that Target usually has cute housewares/decorations for me to pick out! And at reasonable prices.
So many stores have out spring/summer clothes now! That, combined with the fact that it's March now, have me itching for spring so badly! And also for my wedding/honeymoon.
In the pictures below, I'm wearing another one of my house print dresses. The houses remind me so much of "The Brady Bunch" house! The colours in the dress are a little different from my usual palette, but that's a good thing. I don't own much green, although I do have some teal. This dress is the "greenest" article of clothing I have, other than one short sleeve green top. 
I'm glad my rainbow leaf necklace and rainbow bracelet pair well with this dress. They are my go to pieces of jewelry, and the more they match with, the better! Also in the pictures, my hair is different. That's because after I took down my hair, (that had been styled in an updo at the salon) it looked like this. I love the way it looks!

Dress: Modcloth
Belt: Target
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Bracelet/brooch: Etsy
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. I'm excited to have found your blog! I've fallen in love with all the quirky prints you've been wearing!

    Tomato tart, hmmm sounds good :)


  2. you look great, I'm crazy about your dress!

  3. I have the same dress (and same style, yay!), as you, and I love it. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

    1. That's awesome! Yea, the dress is so wonderful. I took a look at your blog, (am following you now) love the layout, and all the colours in your posts! :)

  4. Wow so beautiful. That dress just screams modcloth and I adore unique prints such as that one. Such lovely hair!

    1. Thank you very much!! Yes, it definitely does scream it. :)