Saturday, March 29, 2014

Birds & Flowers

Hello there! Well, Bob and I were supposed to got New Hope, PA today, but it's supposed to rain all day and night. (And tomorrow.) I keep checking the hourly forecast, but unfortunatly it seems we won't be able to go. I'm disappointed. We haven't been there since July. Now that it's spring we can start going on little day trips around the area, and get to do things that would have been too cold to do in the winter. But, now there's always a chance it could rain and ruin the plans. 
If we don't get to go today, I'm not sure what we'll do instead. I'm going to clean the apartment, do laundry, read, and probably run to Target. Maybe we'll go out to dinner around here. "Wolf of Wall Street" is availabe On Demand now, so I think Bob and I will watch it sometime this weekend. We both have been wanting to see it, but Bob even more so. Bob's really into the stock market.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a Modcloth dress. I got this one back in September, and I love it so much. The brand is Retrolicious. I think the print is so pretty. I have a few Folter and Retrolicious brand items I got from Modcloth. (They are made by the same company.) They use such unique, fun fabrics for their dresses and skirts! This dress is a little thicker than most of my dresses, so I wear it sometimes in the winter, too.

Dress, necklace: Modcloth
Belt: J Crew Factory
Bracelet: Kohl's (Mudd)
Earrings: Etsy
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

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