Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Kind Of Pie

Hello there! I actually didn't buy any clothes/accessories at the mall yesterday. But, I got a Christmas Hello Kitty beanie baby, and an ice cream Christmas ornament. (There are pictures below of those two.)
Today my only plans are to work out, return shoes to Marshall's, go to Kohl's, and my mom is stopping by for a bit in the early afternoon. Marshall's is a two minute drive away, so it's very convenient to go there! Bob and I don't usally do much at all on Sundays.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a dress I've worn on the blog before. It's definitely one of my favourites! I really love the shape of it, and of course the pie print. I like pairing it with red accents, like the belt and shoes. I picked up this navy cropped sweater at Marshall's last night, for only $17! I have been looking everywhere for cropped cardigans! They have been very elusive. In my opinion, they look better with dresses than the regular full length cardigans. 

Dress: Modcloth
Cropped sweater: Marshall's
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace: Brighton
Heels: Marshall's

~Bye bye for now!

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