Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I've Been Everywhere, Man"

Hello there! Yay, today is Friday! Hope this day doesn't take too long to get through. I don't really have plans for tonight. I have to wake up early tomorrow morning to go look at  bridesmaid's dresses. My sister is coming home to my parent's tonight. (She lives in Connecticut.) She hasn't been home in about three months. 
In the pictures below I'm wearing a brand new Modcloth dress! It arrived yesterday, and I tried it on right when I got home. I had been eyeing it for months on Modcloth. I really love it! It's a little bit loose, but not too bad. Wearing it with a belt definitely helps give it more shape. I'm in love with the print on it! I'm a huge fan of traveling; my parents instilled that in me from when I was little. They took my sister and I on road trips every summer, and we got to see a lot of the United States, and also parts of Canada. (I've been to 34 states.) I also took a trip to Germany and Austria with my mom once. I ordered this dress with a gift card for my birthday. I have another dress arriving tomorrow from Modcloth, also ordered with a gift card. I hope to get more Modcloth gift cars for Christmas! :)

Dress, Necklace, Heels: Modcloth
Bracelet: Brighton
Belt: NYC street vendor

~Bye bye for now!

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