Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Rainbow Outfit

Hello there! Yay, it's weekend time now. Last night Bob and I went out for drinks with his good friend. His friend's girlfriend (who I'm friends with) was going to go, but ended up not going since she worked a long day, and had to wake up early today, too. Last night after we got home, I watched most of the "What Not To Wear" series finale episode! That was always one of my favorite shows, and I'm sad that it's never coming back.
Today I'm going to clean the apartment, do laundry, and work out. In the afternoon today Bob and I are heading to Bridgewater Mall. I still have some money to spend that I got for my birthday!
I ordered more fabric the other night, for my mom to make a dress with! It's almost the same print of another dress I have, but the background color is different, as well as some of the colors in the print.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a shirt I really love. I think the print on it great! Nice and colorful. I got the necklace from Modcloth a year ago, and it's one of my favs. I just love rainbow jewelry! It makes me happy. I love that it's still warm enough out to wear sandals! It upsets me to think about winter, so I try not to.

Shirt: Macy*s (Cable & Gauge brand)
Tank, Jeans: Express

Necklace, Sandals: Modcloth
Bracelet: Kohl's (Mudd brand)
Ring: Etsy

~Bye bye for now!

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