Friday, May 24, 2013

Start of a Three Day Weekend!

Hello. Well, finally the three day weekend is here! My job surprised us by letting us leave an hour and a half early today. It was great! Tonight I met my grandmother for dinner at Panera. We had a really good time. It was so great to see her in person again, and catch up more. (We talk on the phone while she's out in Cali.) I had broccoli cheddar soup and bread. They gave me a bigger chunk of bread than usual, ha. So, that was good!
My friend's coming over here in a few mintutes. We're just going to hang out here at the apartment, I think.
Of course the weather got crappy right as the weekend approached! It was so hot & humid early in the week, like summer. Now, it cooled down a lot and rained off and on all day/night so far. It's so cool out that I was cold even with a trench coat on! I left for work this morning like I had the other mornings this week- with no sweater/jacket on. It was a little chilly out when I walked to my car. But, when my friends and I left work to go out for lunch, it was quite cool! I was cold with just my shirt & jeans on. 
In the first two pictures below are geese. I saw the parents and about seven little babies yesterday. So adorable! But, they were on the side of a very busy road. I hope they left that area! 
In the other pictures below, I am wearing one of my favourite tops. I love the shades of pink and orange in the shirt, and I think the style is quite flattering. I like cowl neck style shirts a lot. And this shirt matches so many of my shoes and accessories!!

Top: TJ Maxx
Jeans: Express
Wedges: Store in Myrtle Beach
Necklace: Modcloth
Bracelet: Express
Watch: Modcloth 
Purse: Vera Bradley

~Bye bye for now! Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


  1. Those ducks are so cute! I love your shoes too. Have a wonderful weekend!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. I adore your shoes and all the bright fun colors in this outfit! i hope you had a good three day weekend - I always love them (I've had a few of them in a row :D )

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails