Saturday, May 25, 2013

Productive Saturday

Hello there! Happy Saturday! :) I've gotten a lot done today...I got up a 9 a.m. and I cleaned the apartment, did laundry, baked cookies, worked out, showered, and got ready. I like getting things done early, getting them out of the way. I don't like when errands or tasks weigh on my mind all day. Now that I got everything done I've just been relaxing. There's nothing decent on TV now though, ha. There usually isn't weekends during the day. 
Tonight we are hanging out with some of Bob's friends, and one of his friend's girlfriend. I hope we'll play a board game. I'd really like to play Cards Against Humanity again, but not many people we know have it. We really should just order it already!! 
I still have another kind of cookie to bake. I made Funfetti ones earlier, but they're super easy to make. I'll be making chocolate oatmeal cookies from scratch later on today. We're going to Bob's parent's house tomorrow afternoon, and I want to bring over cookies. It was supposed to be an outside bbq, but now I doubt we'll be outside since it's not supposed to get too warm.
I bought a bottle of Pinnacle Whipped last night. I've had a sip of it before, in a friend's mixed drink, and liked it. So, I finally actually bought a bottle of it ha. I had a little last night, mixed with Pepsi. It tasted great, almost like a cream soda. 

Top: Macy*s (Cable & Gauge brand)
Tank: Express
Jeans: Kohl's (Vera Wang brand)
Flats: (Jessica Simpson brand)

Watch: Modcloth
Necklace: Modcloth
Bangle: Express
Ring: Gift from my sis

~Bye bye for now!!

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