Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Geisha Fans

Hello there! Well, I'm back in the swing of things, after a nice, long, relaxing break from work. It's always a little rough to come back to work after a vacation; like a jolt to the system, ha. I don't have much going on this week or weekend as of yet, which is fine by me. 
I did a lot of cleaning things out/getting rids of things/organizing at our apartment over break, and I'm probably going to do just a tad more this weekend. After that, I'll be set. I love purging things; it makes me feel good. It also helps a lot since we're in an apartment and not an area with more space. Bob's going to start going through his stuff this week too; he wants to get rids of some things and take some things to his parents' house to keep there until we get our own house, which will hopfully be soon. 
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Trashy Diva Geisha Fans Honey dress that I got from their website two years ago. It's still my most beloved "fancy" dress. I don't wear it to work. Since I bought it, I've brought it with me on I think all of my vacations I've gone on. I love wearing it in Vegas, and will be bringing it again in April. The Honey is one of my very favorite TD styles; it just works so well on my body. I have three Honeys right now, and this is my favorite of the bunch. The background shade of blue is divine, and the print is beyond gorgeous! TD uses a lot, and has always used a lot of Asian inspired prints in their designs, and I have loved most of their recent ones.  This is definitely my very favorite of all of their Asian inspired prints.

Dress: Trashy Diva
Bangles: Etsy (Brighter Bakelite)
Necklace: Etsy (Luxulite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. I'm the worst at parting from things, ha! Love the dress-- I have it in the pencil dress version! XO

  2. OOOOH I've always admired this dress on you! Thanks for selling your Lena in this print to me <3. And good for you for purging a lot of stuff! I also tried to clean out my wardrobe over the holidays, since it's getting a little out of control.

  3. Love this print! Such a beautiful dress on you! I've also been wanting to go through my stuff and do a major clean out but, not to procrastinate or anything, I'm waiting for it to get warmer :(