Saturday, January 7, 2017

Buzz, buzz!

Hello there! The weekend is upon us, yay! It was only a four day work week this week, but I was still eager for the weekend to start, ha. It's just hard to transition back to work after the holidays. This coming work week is a five day one, but then I'll have a three day weekend for MLK Jr. Day. 
Bob and I aren't up to much this weekend. It'll mostly be spent at home. I'm hoping to book the Vegas trip, and airfare for Nashville. We have the Opryland hotel booked for the Nashville Boogie for that Friday & Saturday, but at the time it was booked for Thursday & Sunday. We're going to call and see if there are any openings for Wednesday & Thursday now.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Bernie Dexter Jodi dress in the bumblee bee print. 
I have four Jodis. They are low cut, so I have to wear a bandeau under them to work.
If this dress had come in one of her shirt dress styles, I would've gotten that instead, as shirt dresses are good (they're higher cut) for all places; work, family functions, etc. I have so many shirt dresses for multiple reasons, one of them being the reason I just mentioned; how easy they are to wear anywhere, and also I just find them quite flattering on me, plus I just love how they look.

This dress and brooch have me thinking spring! It's only been winter for 2.5 weeks, but, I'm over it! Big time over it. I have a lot to look forward to in spring too; I'm going to Vegas in April, & Nashville in May. 
Oh, and as a side note: I got my first bangle stand this week! I ordered it from Etsy, and posted a picture below. I don't know why I waited so long to try one! I love seeing (almost) all of my fakelite together (I had a few that didn't fit on here). My real Bakelite it stored elsewhere.

Dress: Bernie Dexter 
Brooch: Erstwilder
Bangles: Splendette & Etsy (Brighterbakelite)
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Oh my wow all those bangles...amazing, great collection!
    That dress is so cute to! :)

  2. This weekend my upright bangle stand reached it's capacity! Ruh roh! Time to get a new one! I love this style but don't know if I have space for one so wide - I liked the upright one because it didn't take much space on top of my dresser. I have to decide if I will get just a second taller upright one or make a larger one like this work - it IS lovely!

    Def call for Nashville Boogie or modify your hotel online. I cancelled my Saturday night (we are leaving Saturday night) and it appeared to have more availability in the tool when I was in there modifying mine. Good luck!!

  3. This dress looks great on you! I usually have a problem with Bernie Dexter's dresses because they usually fit too small in the bust. I'm so glad to see she is coming out with more modest cuts that seem to fit ladies bigger on top. Love seeing all you bracelets together too. Sounds like you have an awesome spring ahead of you too! <3