Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hello there! I don't have much going on today; it'll just a quiet day in at home for Bob and me. He is making my favorite food for dinner though; tomato tart. I've been looking forward to that for a few days, ha. It's very similar to plain pizza, but even more savory. Tomatoes and cheese....the perfect pairing in my opinion! 
We've been watching "Lilyhammer" on Netflix, and are on season two now. It's an interesting show; it's decent, but not excellent, mainly because the main character is pretty corny, and such a stereotypical Italian mobster character. I like it mainly because it takes place in Norway, with actual Norwegian actors starring in it (other than the Italian mobster character, played by Steve VanSandt), and I enjoy seeing Norway onscreen and seeing the culture depicted. 
It's funny we're watching this now, because a couple of weeks ago I finished reading a book about Scandanvia, called "The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandanavian Utopia". FYI: I am part Scandanvian: I'm part Norwegian and Danish. 
My mom has always been very interested in our Norwegian side. I look just like my grandmother who is 50% Norwegian, and she and I look like her father, who was 100% Norwegian.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my newest Bernie Dexter Kelly dress. This one has a beautiful poppy print on it. I already had this print in another style, but I'm selling that one now, as I prefer this style. The other one I have is also super tight on my chest; I had bought it off of eBay, but the seller listed the size wrong, so it ended up being a size smaller, and just barely zips. So, I'm glad I have the Kelly now, which fits me better, and I just like the style better than the first one I had. Bob had given me a Bernie Dexter gift card as one of my Christmas presents, and I finally got to use it for this purchase.

Dress: Bernie Dexter

Brooch: Etsy (Luxulite)
Bangles: Splendette

Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. WOAH WOAH WOAH, Bernie offers gift cards!? How did I not notice that!? Ugh I suck but I am definitely going to have people get those for me!

    I am with you - with the fit of our original poppy dresses, I'd so prefer to have the Kelly version. I may throw my poppy dress up for sale but didn't want to battle with you as I think we have the same size. Haha! ;)

  2. I love this dress on you! I've yet to dive into the world of Bernie Dexter, but I've been eyeing her pieces for a while now.

    Your accessories are always so on point with your outfits! I've gotta step up my bangle game and get on your level.

    xo, Helene

  3. Love the fit of this dress on you. It's perfect. So great you were able to get your hands on this one. I hate it when you buy something from a private seller and they list the size wrong :( That's happened to me before with a Bernie Dexter on a swap and sell group.