Sunday, May 8, 2016

Retrospec'd Fruit

Hello there! Today I'm going to my parent's house to celebrate Mother's Day, and my grandparents will be there, too. The weather's been so dreary here for the past week or so, and today it's quite cloudy as well. I just can't until we regularly start having sunny days in    the 70's!
This Thursday I'll be meeting a couple of friends at a bar/restaurant after work. Hopefully, it's nice enough out that we can sit at the new outside bar, which we haven't been able to sit at yet, because it wasn't warm enough previously. Friday Bob and I are going to Brew Works for dinner, so I'm excited for that, too. It's just so much more pleasant and fun to go to places in the late spring/summer/early fall, when it's not freezing out!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my fruit print Retrospec'd dress that I got at Viva Las Vegas. I've worn it a few times since I bought it. It's definitely one of my very favorite prints in my whole wardrobe. It looks just like 1950's fruit tablecloth. I love the print so much, that I bought it another Retrospec'd dress with the same print (just in a different style)! I've only done that once before, with a Trashy Diva print. This dres is perfect to wear to work too, bcause of the high neck; I don't even have to wear a bandeau, which is great.

Dress: Vendor at Viva Las Vegas (Retrospec'd)
Bracelets: Etsy
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Sounds like you have a super fun week ahead of you! This pattern really is fabulous -- and yes, it reminds me of a fruit-print tablecloth, too! This makes me wish I could sew well enough to turn my old tablecloth into a dress. I stopped using it after my aunt and her family came to visit, because I realized that a tablecloth is much harder to clean than my table.

  2. Such a beautiful dress, looks great on you! I own the black version by Retrospec'd! :)

  3. Love this dress on you! The print is so pretty! The colors are amazing! We've been having some really dreary weather here too after a short period of perfect weather when Spring first started! I'm definitely looking forward warm weather regularly though! <3

  4. I love Retrospec'd and that dress totally had your name all over it!!

  5. This dress really was made for you - and I love that you have two styles so if you feel like being a bit more sassy, you can whip out the other one with the lower neckline! ;)