Saturday, May 7, 2016

Vegas, Part III

Hello there! This is my final post about our recent trip to Vegas. In my previous two posts, I covered Wednesday night - Saturday night, and all of the time we spent at Viva. Viva was also going on on Sunday, but we didn't go to it that day. I had done everything I wanted to do there, and plus, I didn't want to make my husband go back again, ha. He had already been so patient, doing everything I wanted to do, and hanging out with my friends. So, on Sunday we took it a lot slower. We walked down the strip a bit, farther then we had gone on previous days that trip. We went in the Bellagio to see the gorgeous flower/seasonal artistic display. They have the most amazing displays! I make sure to check it out on every Vegas trip; it's a must see! We went to the Flamingo and checked out the flamingos, fish and other birds there, in the back. It's really pretty out in the back where the animals are. At night we met up one final time with my friend Lisa and her friend Hannah. We met at Golden Tiki. Bob and I prefer Frankie's and had wanted to go back there, but Lisa really wantd to go to Golden Tiki, so we went there instead. One perk at Golden Tiki is they have a huge shell you can pictures in, which we of course took advantage of (see below)! If it's kitsch, count me in.
It was Bob's birthday on Monday, and our last full day in Vegas (we left Tuesday morning). We walked around the strip during the day, and I popped in a couple of stores. For dinner we went to Peppermill, a funky diner that's been around about sixty years. We had never been there before. It's neat looking inside, with flamingo stained glass lamps, and a shaker of rainbow sprinkles on every table. I got pancakes, which I hadn't had in a longgg time. They were HUGE, and very good. I had been excited to check out their firepit lounge, and have drinks there, but unfortunately the lounge was closed for a private party. Bob and I were disappointed. He had also wanted to go the Riveria casino next door to Peppermill, to do some gambling, but we found out that night that it's permanently shut down! So, the night ended up being a let down, especially for Bob. I felt bad, since it was his birthday and all. Also, I had a cold, and wasn't feeling well, so I wasn't in the best of moods anyway. 
We ended up taking an Uber to the Flamingo, and got out there, and walked back up the strip to our hotel. He did some gambling here and there. Since I wasn't feeling well, I just wanted to go back to the room, and take it easy, before waking up early for out flight the next morning. 
We had a great time at Viva, and it's always hard to go back to "reality". The way I feel when I'm at Viva is hard to articulate. It's just wonderful to see so many gorgeous people with like minded interests as me, particularly fashion interests, ha. It truly must be seen to be believed.

The Bellagio display

Inside Peppermill


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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time at Viva this year! Sorry to hear though that things did not go too well on Bob's birthday! I hope overall everything else made up for it! Yay for the Peppermill and I love the Flamingo! It's my new favorite place to check out in Vegas and love the pics from the Bellagio! Looks like they completely changed it from the last time I was there!