Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tropical Ensemble

Hello there! Today's a busy day, that's for sure. I just got my hair highlighted, so it'll look nice for the wedding. I hadn't colored it in sixteen months! So, my roots were horrendous. I'm going to clean the apartment now, and do laundry. Later on our wedding photographer is meeting with us for a bit, and then Bob and I are headed to the mall & Babies R' Us. I have to buy a gift for a baby shower.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a Hell Bunny dress I got a couple weeks ago. I ordered it from Hot Topic, of all places! I hadn't shopped there in probably ten years. But, when I Googled "Hell Bunny", Hot Topic was one of the retailers that came up, so I checked it out! I had been eyeing this dress on the Hot Topic website for awhile, and finally decided to go for it, especially since it was on sale. It was only $50, included shipping. I just love the tropical print, and I think that my pineapple brooch, drink necklace, and hair flower look perfect with it!
The pictures below that I'm wearing my junk food dress, and flamingo print dress in were taken at my Bachelorette Party last weekend!

Tropical dress, Flamingo dress: Hot Topic, Unique Vintage (Hell Bunny)
Necklace, brooches: Etsy (Luxulite)
Sandals: Modcloth

 ~Bye bye for now!


  1. Hot Topic... who would've thought they made cute dresses?!
    Looks like a lovely weekends--also love your drink necklace!

  2. I also just recently learned that HT sells Hell Bunny! Who would have thought?? All of the dresses look so adorable on you. I especially love the top one!

  3. I used to work at Hot Topic while I was in college. Around 2012ish, after I graduated they started selling more and more Hell Bunny. Before that they had a lot of Too Fast stuff which is more on the punk side than Hell Bunny but they have some very cute cardigans. What I've noticed recently is Hot Topic always has sales online so there's usually some percentage off which is pretty awesome! That dress is so cool.