Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Springtime in Paris

Hello there! I don't have too much going on tonight, or the rest of the work week. I went to the library after work, and tonight I'm just going to relax with Bob- watch "The Sopranos" and read. I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow at Panera. I was just at Panera on Saturday night, but I don't mind going there again so soon! I can't wait to go to New Hope on Saturday with Bob! It's supposed to rain a bit, I really hope it won't be for long. And it's supposed to be in the high 50s!
In the pictures below I'm wearing another one of my Pin Up Girl Clothing Jenny skirts. I have three of them. I love how thick they are. I can't wait to try them out with my petticoat that I'll be getting in the mail very soon! I think it's going to pair wonderfully with these skirts. This skirt is my favourite of the three. It has a pattern on it of scenes in Paris. This outfit feels very spring-like to me. I paired the skirt with a lot of pastel accessories. This orange cropped cardigan doesn't match with too much in my wardrobe, but it definitely pairs perfectly with this outfit! When I bought if off of eBay, the colour on my computer screen was a darker orange, and I thought I'd be able to pair it with a lot of skirts and dresses. 


Cropped cardigan: eBay 
Tank top: Target
Skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Belt: Viva La Dulce Marina
Necklace, bracelet, brooch: Etsy
Heels: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Your outfits make me feel so happy. The mix of colours is gorgeous and I adore the vintage element. Your jewellery and shoes are so sweet. Love everything about this look. I want your clothes. ALL of them!