Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take Me To Paris

Hello there! Today I'm going to work out, run to Target, and just read, and watch a movie. Last night Bob and I watched "The Impossible." I had been wanting to see it for awhile. Wow! It was intense, I cried at several different parts. There were a lot of heartwrenching/sad parts, but there were also some really touching, sweet parts. 
And the acting....just phenomonal! Geez...Naomi Watts played the mother, Ewan McGregor played the father, and their oldest son had a lot of screentime, too. I don't know the name of that actor...but, he was amazing, too. What makes the movie even more effecting is that it's based on a true story. 
Last night I was at my parent's house, for a joint birthday celebration for my sister, and my grandfather. My aunt was also there, as well as two of my cousins. I brought a pair of heels with me to try on with my wedding dress, to see if I like them together. (My dress is being kept at my old bedroom at my parent's.) Luckily, I love them together! 
All the women at my house came into my old bedroom, and to see me in my dress and shoes. The dress is too long unfortunatly, even with the three inch heels. So, I'm going to have to get it hemmed. That really annoys me! I spent so much money on the dress, and now I have to pay more. They do it on purpose to make more money. With my heels on I'm 5'10"! There's no way a dress should be too long on someone who's 5'10"!! I don't want to go back to the shop I bought it from though, to get it hemmed and get a bustle put on. I don't want to give them more of my money, and also they are an hour from where I live. So, my mom's going to talk to a woman who lives in her town, to see if she can do it. I really hope she can!!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Paris Jenny skirt from Pin Up Girl Clothing. I've worn it on my blog before. I think the print is so lovely; it's scenes from Paris. It feels very spring-y to me. I have three Jenny skirts now. I love the fullness of them. There's so many cute prints they offer too. 
I got the red purse in the pictures in the mail this week. It's also from Pin Up Girl Clothing. I LOVEEE it! It's fabulous. It's a great, vibrant shade of red. And I adore the fruit keychain it came with! It looks like a spring/summerish purse, but I just had to use it already, ha. 
One month and twelve days until spring, and I can NOT wait for its arrival!!!! This winter seems endless. I mean every winter seems extremly long to me, since I HATE winter...but, this one has been especially cold and snowy, so it makes even more agonizing. I'm so anxious to be able to wear my gorgeous skirts and dresses outside, and not be totally freezing! That'll be just so nice.
The last picture below was taken at my parent's house last night, with their dog, Heidi. She's such a doll. The only thing I miss about living with my parents is being with Heidi and my cat Lucy.

Cropped cardigan: eBay
Tank top: Target
Skirt, purse: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Bracelet, brooch: Etsy
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear

~Bye bye for now!


  1. Oooh I have this skirt too!! I can't wait to wear it now! I love how colourful your outfits are!

  2. Thank you so much!!! That's awesome that you have it, it's a really great print! :)