Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rainbow Maxi

Hello there! The weather is perfect today! It's very sunny and warm, perfect temperature. It doesn't feel humid, either. I really wish the weather could always be like this!
Today I cleaned the apartment, did laundry, worked out, and watched some TV. My friend is coming over in a little while.
It's 9 months until our wedding! I feel so much better since I have made all of the major decisions for the wedding. We didn't order the invitations yet, but I picked out really cute ones, on They are quite colourful, of course! I'm really enjoying picking out little touches of colour. I'm so glad I can incorporate my love of rainbows and colour into the wedding!
In the pictures below I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses. I basically look like a walking rainbow, ha. It's the only maxi dress I own. This outfit just picks up my spirits, and I just really like how I look in it. And those are really the two things that I strive to have in my outfits.

Dress: Marshall's (Calvin Klein)
Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet, Earrings: Kohl's (Mudd)
Ring: Gift from my sister
Sandals: Modcloth (Saltwater Sandals)

~Bye bye for now!

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