Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blue Wednesday

Hello there! We're officially over the work week hump! I'm not doing too much tonight. I baked Funfetti cookies, and I'm going to work out, probably watch an episode of two of "Six Feet Under" and read. I just saw that show for the first time a couple of months ago, I had taken season one out of the library. I just started season two this week. It's a decent show, I just don't love it like I love my favourites.
In the pictures below I'm wearing a shirt that I have in three colours. That's so typical me- to buy multiples in clothing that I love. I love this blue on the most. This is my favourite shade of blue, and it seems to be pretty popular lately which is great, because I've been able to find more items in this shade! 
I refuse to give up wearing sandals yet! Even though late nights and early mornings have been QUITE cold here, I still left for work early this morning wearing these sandals that I'm wearing in the pictures. 
The first picture is of a pair of mittens that I ordered off of Etsy. They are quite neon, and of course I love how bright they are!

Shirt, tank, jeans: Express
Necklace: Dillard's
Bracelet: Icing
Sandals: Modcloth
Mittens: Etsy

~Bye bye for now!

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