Friday, December 1, 2017

Pink & Green

Hello there! It's December! That means only 3.5 weeks until Christmas! I'll be baking some more Christmas cookies this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to the Oldwick antique show, and I'm so excited! I really hope it's as good as it was last year. Last year I got a few things, and I could've gotten even more. They had a lot of awesome bottle brush trees there, which are my favorite antique Christmas items to collect.
I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done, but still have a couple of small things to get. 
Sunday I'm running errands, and meeting my friend for lunch at Panera. Other than those things, the weekend will be pretty quiet; cleaning, laundry, working out, and a lot of relaxing at home, just the way I like it!
In the pictures below I'm wearing my Retrospec'd poppy print Sandi dress. I love big, bold floral prints. This dress is quite comfortable, and that's in large part to the stretchy side panels it has. I love this color combination of pink and green; I don't have much of that combo in my closet. My antique flower brooch I picked up this summer at an antique shop matches with the dress quite well. I love these 60's flower brooches, and have a few. 
I'm wearing my petticoat in these pictures. I haven't worn it to work yet, and I'm not sure yet if I will. I do love how it looks with some of my dresses though, including this one. I think some dresses are just meant to be worn with petticoats, to give them that extra oomph. 

Dress: Retrospec'd 
Bangles: Etsy (BrighterBakelite)
Brooch: Antique shop
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

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  1. I smile every time I spy you rocking your petticoat!! Love it and love this outfit. Have you gotten used to the petticoat beneath your dresses yet? I think it looks so good with what you've been wearing it with and I see a new addiction in your future... ;)