Thursday, November 9, 2017

Part II Of My October Trip

Hello there! I have a four day weekend, which starts today! The school is closed today & tomorrow for teacher's convention. Last year I was in California during teacher's convention, so I'm excited to be at home, and doing a lot of relaxing this long weekend. I have a doctor's appointment today, and am hanging out with friends tonight.
 Well, I'm finally getting around to blogging about the second part of my trip with my mom to New Orleans & Nashville! In my first post about the trip, I talked about the first part in New Orleans. In this post I'm going to talk about Nashville. We flew from New Orleans to Nashville on Thursday morning. The flight got in on time, and was quite a short flight, I think it was just over an hour. My mom and I took an Uber from the airport to my sister's apartment, where we picked up her car to use while she was at work (she rides her bike to work).
We had lunch at Nashville Palace, which is my favorite bar in Nashville; it's where a lot of the Nashville Boogie was held. There was a guy singing and playing guitar while we were there. 

I think they have live music all day and night, every day/night. We also went to three antique malls, and I got a newly made canvas print of vintage kitchenware, and I also got one last year from the sale booth at that antique mall, and I also got a cheap bracelet. The woman running the antique mall where I got the print from recognized me from May. I thought that was neat! Her co-worker, who was probably about 15 years old, told me she liked my accent. Ha! I don't hear that too often. I love some southern accents (I think some are just TOO thick), and I do love Nashville and New Orleans accents.
When my sister got out of work we headed over there to hang out with her for a bit, before we went back to the house we were staying in (Air Bnb type thing), which was about ten minutes from her. Friday morning we headed out to Loveless Cafe, which is about half an hour away, but still is in Nashville. Bob and I went there in May, and loved it. It's quite famous, and has been around for a long time. I got the same meal as last time ha, I got a chicken salad sandwhich. They have amazing biscuits too, which are unlimited. On the way back to my sister's, we stopped at Pharmacy Burger, and we sat at the bar and I got an orange phosphate drink (it's orange soda and cream), and my mom got a milkshake.
My sister got out of work early, and we headed back to her place. We did some shopping nearby, and then headed to the airport to pick up my aunt & cousin who were coming in for the weekend, and live in Texas. We had dinner with them at a German restaurant in a mall. I just got a sald, and it was good. We dropped my mom and aunt off at the Grand Ole Opry afterwards; they were catching a show there. My sister, 15 year old cousin, and me headed over to Nashville Palace, and heard some live music, and my sister and I had a couple of drinks. We sat out on the porch in the comfortable nighttime weather. It was nice to catch up with my cousin; we usually see her only a couple of times a year. 
On Saturday we headed to Franklin, a cute little town about half an hour from my sister's place. Bob and I also went there in May. We did some shopping and went out to lunch. 
I didn't buy anything there. In the afternoon we left there, and they dropped me off at the airport. I LOVE the Nashville airport; it's tiny, and so fast and easy to get through. The airport by me, Newark, is unfortunately the opposite of that.

Nashville Palace

My sister on the left & cousin on the right

Yummy drinks at Pharmacy Burger
Vintage curtains inside Loveless Cafe - love them!

LOVE this sign so much!!

Canvas print I got an antique mall (althoug it's newly made)


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