Friday, November 24, 2017


Hello there! I had a good, quiet Thanksgiving at Bob's aunt & uncle's house, with yummy food. It was the first Thanksgiving I didn't spend with my family, but I did see some of them on Wednesday night. Today I went to antiquing with my mom, about forty minutes from where I live. I got one plastic Santa for $13, but that was it. I was glad I didn't find anything else that I had to have, because a week from tomorrow I'm going to the Oldwick antique show, which I found a lot at last year, and have a feeling I'll see a lot that I want this year, too. 
I don't have a lot going on this weekend, which I'm glad about. I'm running a couple of errands tomorrow, and I got my cleaning and laundry done today. I also made my first batch of Christmas cookies today, and decorated the tree. I've been watching Christmas movies lately, and I'll be watching "Love Actually" either tonight or tomorrow, one of my favorites.
In the pictures below I'm wearing my new Trashy Diva Orlando dress that I just got through the TD swap & sell Facebook group I'm in. It's definitely on the fancy side, so it's not a dress I'll be wearing to work or for errands! But, I liked that it's has a high cut neck, because most of my fancier dresses are low cut, so it's nice to have this option, too. It would be gorgeous for Christmas, and I probably will wear it either Christmas Eve or on Christmas. 
I'm wearing a petticoat in these pictures. I got my first one last weekend while antiquing, and I love how it looks with some of my dresses, including this one. You can't beat a beautiful red dress, in my opinion! The zipper is quite tricky on this dress; it gets stuck on the top seam in the back of the dress, so much so that Bob can't even get it go up, so I have to flip the dress around to the front and zip it that way, and then flip it back, and very gingerly try and get my arms through the arm holes. It's not because the dress is too tight on me either; Trashy Diva is known for having this problem with many of its dresses, which is super annoying.

Dress: Trashy Diva Facebook Swap & Sell group
Heels: BAIT Footwear

~Bye bye for now!

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  1. Ugh I have a few dresses like this - it cringe as I gently slide my arms into the sleeves, hoping I don't hear a rip as I do!! Ahhh! Craziness. Either way, this is a stunning dress on you! It's worth the work to get it on, for sure!! ;)