Sunday, September 17, 2017

Shore Getaway

Hello there! Last weekend Bob and I went to Wildwood & Cape May. I had never been before, and he had only been once a long time ago. We had a really good time. The weather was in the low 70's during the day and very sunny all weekend long. We got down there Friday around 4:30 p.m., and left Monday morning. 
We stayed at a 1950's motel called the Caribbean Motel. Wildwood actually has the largest amount of 1950's motels in the country, some still operational. There are so many neat neon signs still there, and I got a lot of pictures of them. Our motel room had Heywood Wakefield furniture in it! I wanted to take it all home with me! I loved our room. It had vintage reproduction midcentury modern lamps, too. The motel had a nice heated pool too, which I swam in on Sunday for a bit. 
On Friday night we walked about a mile to grab dinner at an Irish pub called Cattle N Clover. We weren't too impressed with the food, especially not our appetizer of mozarella sticks, and it's hard to mess up mozarella sticks! After we were done with dinner, we walked back to our motel, hung out there for a bit, and then got an Uber to North Wildwood, where we got dropped up at another Irish pub. We had a drink there, and then walked around the area to check it out. We sat at another outdoor bar and had a couple of drinks, and then got an Uber back to our motel. 
On Saturday morning we headed to Cape May, which is about fifteen minutes south. I loved Cape May! It's such an adorable little town. There are colorful Victorian homes all over, which is one of the big things CM is known for. We went to a few antique shops, and other shops, and I got a few small things. We also had an early lunch at a place called Dock Mike's Pancake House, which was really busy, and we had to wait about half an hour for a table. The food was decent there. 
After we were done shopping, we headed back to Wilwood to go to the beach. We weren't sure how far we'd be able to go into the water, because of how cold we'd be. The water temperature was the same as the air temperature! We did go in, but I didn't submerge completly, although Bob did. It was really nice to get to go in though, and to lay on the beach and listen to the water. I love that sound. 
After we left the beach, we went back to our room, and got ready to go out for dinner. We walked to a place on the boardwalk called Doo Wop Diner. It actually is rated the #1 place on Trip Advisor to eat in Wildwood. It's a 50's style diner, with 50s's style tables and vinyl booths, and the waitresses even wear poodle skirts. Our waitress was really sweet. I just got a tuna wrap there, and it wad fine. It's hard to mess that dish up! 
That's enough for now; I'll write more about the rest of the trip in another blog post!

Bought this cute Swedish tray at the Scandinavian shop in Cape May

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  1. Oh wow those Victorian style houses are so cute....I would love to own a house like that! Great pictures, thanks for sharing! :)